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push notification marketing award 2022
Push Notification Marketing Award: unveiling the winners of 2022

We are thrilled to unveil the winners of the Push Notification Marketing Award 2022!

2023-05-292 min
subscriber database
The importance of building your own subscriber database - PushPushGo

Nowadays, we have many available marketing and communication channels. Many companies focus the majority of their efforts on social media, but you can’t forget about building your own subscribers’ database and developing your own channels.

2023-05-255 min
web push on ios
Web push on iOS - how to prepare your website? - PusPushGo

Yes, you can send web push to iOS users. The 16.4 system update introduces support for web push notifications, but there are a few rules you need to follow.

2023-05-232 min
smoother web push subscription
Smoother subscriptions to notifications with the new toggle switch - PushPushGo

We introduce a new method for web push notification subscriptions in PushPushGo. It enables smoother and less intrusive encouragement for subscriptions, improving the process of building your subscriber base.

2023-05-162 min
web push script and core web vitals
Measuring page performance and Core Web Vitals with an active web push script - PushPushGo

Will the web push script slow down my website and lower my Core Web Vitals scores? The answer is simple - "No". Check out why in our new article.

2023-05-103 min
web push chrome update
The case of disappearing subscribers in Chrome - PushPushGo

Let's take a look at how new Chrome update changed website permission rules - and it's not neccesarily a bad thing.

2023-04-272 min

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