Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

why to add web push notifications to your marketing strategy
8 reasons why to add web push notifications to your marketing strategy in 2023

January is still good for making plans concerning your marketing activities in 2023 and beyond. Have you considered adding push notifications to the mix?

2023-01-234 min
omnichannel marketing strategy
What is omnichannel marketing and how does it work

What does your marketing strategy look like? How many sales channels are you using? How are you building customer engagement? The answers to these questions lead to implementing an omnichannel strategy.

2023-01-176 min
web push on the national news portal
Web push on the national news portal. Radio ZET and PushPushGo

Push notifications are the perfect solution for any publisher who wants to quickly inform about a plane crash, a controversial decision by a politician or new inflation figures, says Lukasz Sawala, Managing and Executive Online Editor at Radio ZET.

2023-01-133 min
engagement on social media
How to increase social media engagement

Social media engagement is a difficult game that requires a well-thought-out strategy and some persistence.

2023-01-127 min
web push in smartphone estore
Web push in a smartphone e-store. Bijelić Co. and PushPushGo.

Lara Majcan from Bijelić Co. tells us about the company’s strategy for using web push, implementing PushPushGo tools, and her general thoughts on push communication.

2023-01-053 min
marketing trends 2023
Top 7 marketing trends to follow in 2023

What digital marketing trends will be important in 2023? Here are 7 essential marketing efforts you should concentrate on next year and beyond.

2022-12-207 min

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