Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

Push notifications and data protection law in South Africa. Everything you need to know

Data protection laws are being updated all around the world. What does it mean for online marketers?

2021-11-054 min
Barbara Szczygielska-Popiołek Software Developer
Software Developer - first person hired by PushPushGo

After 4 years in PushPushGo, Basia tells about the effectiveness of a software developer, about the impostor syndrome in the case of a woman in the IT world and whether it is possible to build a good development team without experience in recruiting.

2021-09-204 min
Andrej Susic human touch in B2B sales
Human touch in B2B sales: why does it matter?

Building alliances and partnerships that will create Win-Win situations is the approach that will bring success in B2B sales. Andrej Sušić tells how it works on his experience.

2021-08-246 min
Gustavo Javier Saenz PushPushGo
B2B sales in LATAM and Europe - how to do it effectively?

How to sell effectively software? How you should adjust your sales approach for LATAM and European markets? Gustavo Javier Saenz, based on 18+ years of experience in sales, answers these and other questions in the interview.

2021-08-095 min
PushPushGo anniversary, web push notifications
PushPushGo turns four: an interview with Dawid Mędrek and Mateusz Worotyński

Mateusz Worotyński and Dawid Mędrek shared about their path of building a company from technological and business sides, obstacles they faced, the lessons they learned as well as plans for further business growth.

2021-07-2818 min
Web push in practice: Essential Nutrition

Essential Nutrition, manufacture of functional nutrition, shared own experience of the usage of web push notifications: what problems web push helps to solve, how long it took to see the first results and on which KPIs it has an influence.

2021-05-102 min

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