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subscriber database
The importance of building your own subscriber database - PushPushGo

Nowadays, we have many available marketing and communication channels. Many companies focus the majority of their efforts on social media, but you can’t forget about building your own subscribers’ database and developing your own channels.

2023-05-255 min
tools for mediaworkers
10 tools for mediaworkers that will help you streamline daily tasks

Mediaworker is a relatively new profession that involves multiple roles in a publishing company or an editorial staff. In this article, we’ve made a list of tools that can help people working with content streamline their everyday work.

2023-03-284 min
media consumption by generation
Media consumption by generation

It is obvious media consumption is not constant. It changes with the advent of new technologies and generational changes. Let’s have a closer look at how media consumption differs depending on the generation.

2023-03-234 min
news avoidance
How to overcome news avoidance in today's audiences

People say the news has a negative effect on their mood or that news is untrustworthy or biased. As a result, they avoid the news. What can you do to combat news avoidance if you run a news company?

2023-03-214 min
online publishing trends
5 important trends that will shape online publishing in 2023

The publishers are facing uphill battle to reach their audiences. Is there a light in a tunnel? We’ve taken a look at the most important trends, covered in “Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2023".

2023-03-155 min
ai technology in digital publishing
How do digital publishers use AI technology?

Digital publishing is a good example of an industry that can be improved and automated using many advanced technologies, including push notifications, automation, and artificial intelligence.

2023-02-234 min

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