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notyfikacje push
Your customers do not receive notifications? There could be several reasons

Even the best-designed campaigns sometimes fail to reach their subscribers. There are many reasons why push notifications do not reach their recipients. In this article we have collected the most common reasons for this.

2022-09-194 min
pushpushgo new dashboard
Organization dashboard - all the data in one place

The dashboard in the PushPushGo panel allows you to track and analyze the results of your push campaigns and automation scenarios, and also compare the projects throughout your organization.

2022-08-033 min
ab test web push
AB testing in PushPushGo application

Let's look at the AB testing process in the PushPushGo application. We’ve recently introduced some changes to make the process easier and better and more comprehensible. 

2022-07-123 min
push notification marketing award
Winners of the Push Notification Marketing Award 2021 revealed

Push Notification Marketing Award was created to honor our clients who’d made the most of PushPushGo web push notifications solution in 2021. Check out 22 winners across 10 categories.

2022-07-112 min
segmentation and tagging web push
Changes in subscriber segmentation and tagging

The latest changes allow PushPushGo users to segment subscribers more effectively, and will provide more opportunities to create new tags in the future.

2022-06-303 min
Quieter Notifications UI in Google Chrome
Quieter Notifications UI in Google Chrome - everything you have to know

According to Statcounter Global Data, in March 2022 the market share for the Google Chrome browser was 64,53%. It is the most popular browser nowadays. That’s why it is important to know how web push notifications function in this browser.

2022-04-143 min

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