Empowering businesses with push notifications - interview with Dawid Mędrek

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empowering business with push notifications

Recently, Dawid Mędrek, CEO and co-founder of PushPushGo, sat down with Marko Velimirović from Website Planet to answer some questions about PushPushGo and push notification tools.

You can find the full interview and many more interesting materials on Website Planet. You'll learn more about:

  • the beginnings of PushPushGo and the idea behind the company
  • the importance of proprietary software in our development
  • our clients and industries making the best of push communication
  • future of our industry and hopes for further development

If you want to learn more about PushPushGo and its' offer, contact us at hello@pushpushgo.com.

Aleksandra Kozioł

Aleksandra Kozioł

Content Specialist @PushPushGo

Editor and writer. She is interested in media and new technologies. 

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