How to increase online store sales? 6 useful tips

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According to Amasty research, retail e-commerce sales worldwide is expected to reach 4,8 trillion U.S. dollars. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly the 24/7 availability of online stores and services. As you can see, the e-shopping industry is continuously developing and still has potential. All you need to do is prepare the right promotional strategy and focus on running your e-store in a way that helps you achieve the most benefits. In this article, we've included six useful tips that will help you learn “how to increase sales in an online store”. Enjoy your reading.

1. Prepare your website to become your business card.

Your store website that is appropriately made is already half of the work. The more clear and aesthetic it is, the more likely you are to encourage a potential customer to take advantage of your offer. Therefore, it's best to optimise it. First of all, you should add useful information on your website (e.g. product descriptions, company profile). All of this should appear in a readable form for the page visitor.

It’s also good to make sure your site is as intuitive on mobile devices, just like on the computer version. The most popular lifestyle nowadays is based on the use of smartphones and internet access wherever we are. The correct use of the RWD technique (responsive web design) can contribute to finding an answer to the question: how to increase online store sales? Adjusting your website to devices used by the client is just as important as the appropriate product distribution in stationery stores. Furthermore, an efficient loading page, a broad range of payment methods offered, and their security are certain advantages of e-commerce. Try to figure out the shortest and trouble-free path for the consumer.

2. Use social media to increase online store sales

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to attract customers to an online store. There are many ways to promote, but the most effective ones are directly addressed to the target audience. Therefore, the use of social media can be very helpful.

Facebook for sales

An interesting solution on Facebook is the shop section where you can add products with pictures and captions. After clicking on a given product, the user is sent to a subpage of the product on your site. By using Facebook, you can create a community around your brand and build a relationship with it. It's essential that you don't only publish content that is for sales, but you should also add something of value for your audience, an example can be fashion advice. Join the sales group with members interested in the given category of products to additionally promote chosen items, e.g. the discounted ones. Facebook also allows you to tag products in posts and ads, thanks to which you shorten the shopping path and your audience can quickly find the advertised products.

Instagram for sales

Instagram is also an excellent tool for e-commerce especially in the beauty and fashion industry. With the help of aesthetic photos, using the right hashtags, and regularly adding Instagram Stories, you can encourage potential clients to observe your offers and maybe even decide to purchase something in your online store. Instagram allows you to tag products in posts and ads.

3. Let users find you by search engines

Optimising your website for internet search is a fundamental matter. Remember to use the appropriate keywords and valuable content. In the era of tight competition, free activities may not be enough. It's worth investing in Google Ads to not think about how to increase online store sales. Your clients will find you themselves while browsing the web. By using the right keywords and frequently searched phrases by your potential audience,  you can increase interest in your online business. For example, when creating a shoe ad, use the key phrase "online shoe store". This way your e-store will be positioned higher in the internet search engine when someone will be looking for this type of store.  

4. Contact the client through web push notifications

Web push notifications can be an answer to the question of how to increase online store sales. The user can accept receiving notifications with just one click. Personalised messages that relate to recently viewed products or special offers for upcoming events (e.g. the buyer's birthday) can positively impact them to revisit the store. All they need to do is accept notifications on the webpage and information about your offers will be shown without the need to visit the page. Besides increasing sales, web push notifications have a few more interesting ways of its usage such as:

  • Distributing blog content. Base segmentation and process automation allow you to send notifications to those interested in newly published texts.
  • Recommending products from a recently viewed category. The more personalised the content is the better the user experience is.

5. Invite influencers to collaborate - how to attract customers to an online store by an authority

Famous people can be the key answer to how to increase online store sales? Influencers are now living ads of the majority of products. Most internet users want to take an example from people they follow on social media. This is why even the help of micro-influencers can contribute to higher sales. This form of promotion is a reflection of the social proof phenomenon. Consumers trust their idols and willingly read their recommendations while searching for dream products. Your product can be used while unboxing products or tested by an influencer. This way, aside from ads, you gain an opinion that encourages others to visit your site. You'll stop worrying about how to attract customers to an online store, and your brand will become more recognisable.

6. Use content marketing - how to attract customers to an online store thanks to attractive content

Using content marketing, a strategy that’s the goal is to attract potential customers through publishing attractive content, is the final step of improving the sales process in your online business. Before the client decides to buy your product they usually read different types of content such as:

  • guides;
  • opinions;
  • reviews.

Adding this type of content on your store's website (e.g. in the form of a blog) can avoid having the user switch to a different site. Thanks to this you get a better chance that they won't get distracted or give up on your store. It's the perfect solution if you're looking for a way on how to attract customers to an online store.

Content marketing will also improve your image in the eyes of clients. By creating helpful content you'll form a relationship with the consumer. This strategy is quite important in search engine optimisation. An effective SEO will make your store appear higher in search results thanks to the right keywords and subtitles used in the text. It's worth adding alternative texts to images that help with positioning and appear on the site when the graphic doesn't appear to the user.

As you may have noticed there are many ways of increasing online sales. We recommend using the tips mentioned above to see what works for your business. It's worth keeping on top of it to be ahead of the competition and set trends in internet sales.

Katarzyna Kwartnik

Words enthusiast both in literature and marketing. At PushPushGo responsible for developing content strategy and writing everything that needs to be written. 

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