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2 brand-new and 5 old school Shopify apps you need to install in 2019

Just in 2018 there were 2,400 applications ready to be installed from the Shopify app store. Sounds like a lot, right? That's why we’re highlighting two brand-new and seven old-school Shopify apps you need to install in 2019.

05/08/2019 11 min
Web push automation to increase your Shopify store conversion

PushPushGo has joined Shopify App Store to help merchants to deal with such problems as abandoned carts and low return rate. Web push notification is a less known solution that has proven to be effective. Learn how to use web push for Shopify store

05/06/2019 7 min
Implementing successful upselling campaigns

Upselling presents a good opportunity to boost your revenue and ROI by earning more income from existing customers. For e-commerce, it means attracting a customer with a cheaper option to purchase a premium product & increase the cart value.

04/02/2019 4 min
Why should you spend more time thinking about cross selling?

Cross-selling can be defined as persuading customers to buy an additional product alongside their primary purchase. So if you are not using cross-selling campaigns in your store then you are missing out on the chance to make easier sales.

03/28/2019 5 min
E-commerce conversion optimization step by step

Conversion Rate Optimization consists of maximizing the chances for the visitor to perform a given action. Check out practical advice that can help you increase conversion easier.

03/21/2019 6 min
8 key differences between newsletters and web push

Email marketing generates an average of 18% of all orders in ecommerce. With the development of the possibilities of modern web browsers, a new competitor has arrived. Do you share a newsletter in your online store?

08/05/2018 8 min


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