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create great website experience
9 Rules for Creating a Great Website Experience

User experience is the key ingredient to a successful website. From offering an intuitive design to providing value at every opportunity, proposed ideas are simple but powerful ways to improve customer satisfaction on your site.

2021-10-115 min
how to reach your clients
9 Creative Ways to Reach Your Clients in 2021

The world of marketing has changed dramatically. Technologies are changing so rapidly that it's difficult to keep up with them all - which is why we're outlining 9 ways you can start reaching your customers now for their future needs!

2021-09-297 min
Travel marketing: How to attract customers in the post-covid world
Travel marketing: How to attract customers in the post-covid world

Travel is one of the most affected industries by covid. However, according to Skift, tourism sector is already on the recovery path. It means it is high time to take care of the marketing strategy of your company.

2021-09-275 min
Loyalty in fashion ecommerce
Customer loyalty in fashion e-commerce

Fashion is one of the most exponentially growing sectors of e-commerce. However, it also suffers from high cart abandonment and high return rates. Therefore, customer loyalty is of paramount importance in this sector.

2021-09-228 min
Barbara Szczygielska-Popiołek Software Developer
Software Developer - first person hired by PushPushGo

After 4 years in PushPushGo, Basia tells about the effectiveness of a software developer, about the impostor syndrome in the case of a woman in the IT world and whether it is possible to build a good development team without experience in recruiting.

2021-09-204 min
checkouts in ecommerce, increase conversion rate
Why do 68.8% of checkouts fail and how can you increase the conversion rate?

Cart abandonment is a severe problem in almost every sector of the global e-commerce industry. If you want to lower the number of aborted checkouts, you have to devise an effective strategy and avoid common mistakes.

2021-09-075 min

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