Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

The FOMO effect in marketing

FOMO has been a major buzzword in the social media world for some time now, but it actually refers to an old and proven psychological scheme. Let’s find out how FOMO works in marketing.

2021-11-306 min
Headless commerce: the future of customization

Headless commerce is a new major trend that is all about making the way your store works and looks fully customizable, and adapted to new sales channels like smartwatches and IoT.

2021-11-164 min
Push notifications and data protection law in South Africa. Everything you need to know

Data protection laws are being updated all around the world. What does it mean for online marketers?

2021-11-054 min
CTA in web push notification
How to increase web push CTR by optimizing CTA?

It’s a commonly known fact that adding and optimizing CTA in your marketing materials increases the CTR index. When it comes to web push, it’s the same story.

2021-10-283 min
reach out to shoppers during the holiday season
6 ways to reach out to shoppers during the holiday season

Q4 is always the busiest period of the year for the entire e-commerce sector. And since this shopping spree has not started yet, we wanted to share a list of interesting options on how you can reach your customers during this busy period.

2021-10-255 min
create great website experience
9 Rules for Creating a Great Website Experience

User experience is the key ingredient to a successful website. From offering an intuitive design to providing value at every opportunity, proposed ideas are simple but powerful ways to improve customer satisfaction on your site.

2021-10-115 min

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