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31 stats about web push that every marketer should know

Do you often simply trust the promises made by salesman? You no longer have to! We’ve put together 31 statistics on web push notifications that will help you decide whether it is a solution for you.

09/03/2019 5 min
Marketing to Generation Z: 11 important things to keep in mind

In 2019 Generation Z reached 32% of the global population. It is 2,56 Bln people. What does it mean? It means that Net Gen will be the main economic force and companies must get ready for this.

08/29/2019 18 min
Change places with customers to understand your buyer persona

Do you know which one is a regular customer of your site? What kind of people are behind the money spent on your website? What are they interested in? Creating a buyer persona is a basic step if we want marketing and sales activities to be effective.

08/21/2019 10 min
8 tips to increase the number of your web push notification subscribers

Web push technology itself is nothing without subscribers. An average web push notifications opt-in rate often reaches more than 6%. However, there are a number of handy tricks that will help to collect subscribers even more effectively.

08/13/2019 9 min
New in PushPushGo: Rocket Push for Breaking News

Rocket Push allows you to send out web push mass campaigns just in a few seconds. Be the first one who delivers Breaking News to your readers! Find more about how it works in the article.

08/07/2019 2 min
Should you use web push notifications?

Web push notifications? They are spam. No one wants them. Just another marketing tool that soon no one will remember. True or false?

07/25/2019 7 min


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