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Omnichannel experience in fashion e-commerce
Omnichannel experience in fashion e-commerce

The average omnichannel customer purchases 70% more often than an offline-only shopper and reports spending more than $2,000 on apparel each year. In this article, we'll see how fashion e-commerce uses omnichannel to create great customer experience.

2022-05-186 min
storytelling in fashion e-commerce
Storytelling in fashion e-commerce: 4 market examples

Brands more and more frequently tell stories to show their legacy, explain their point of view, and create more meaningful and deep relations with customers. One of the sectors that use this technique particularly willingly is fashion.

2022-04-204 min
Quieter Notifications UI in Google Chrome
Quieter Notifications UI in Google Chrome - everything you have to know

According to Statcounter Global Data, in March 2022 the market share for the Google Chrome browser was 64,53%. It is the most popular browser nowadays. That’s why it is important to know how web push notifications function in this browser.

2022-04-143 min
online publishers - attract readers and retain their attention
12 ways for online publishers to attract readers and retain their attention

In 2020, digital publishers saw an increase in the number of readers, their engagement and even online subscriptions (16% growth according to Zuora). In the article we'll show how to maintain the high growth and return rates of digital subscribers.

2022-04-077 min
Top 6 fashion retailers and their great marketing campaigns
Top 6 fashion retailers in Europe and their great marketing campaigns

Fashion is not just about what we wear. It’s so much more! In this article, we are going to show you six European fashion brands and some of their most interesting campaigns.

2022-03-223 min
Buy now pay later business model
Buy now, pay later – a modern business model in fashion e-commerce

Buy now, pay later option is one of the most interesting fashion e-commerce trends. When you take a look at the market share of BNPL in domestic e-commerce payments, you will see rapid growth.

2022-03-144 min

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