Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

mobile push notifications
Three reasons why to add mobile push notifications to your application

Adding mobile push to your application can extend the range of options and opportunities you can benefit from when offering a mobile app.

2022-11-224 min
ecommerce metrics
Measuring e-commerce success – six metrics to track

Running an online store is no cakewalk. You have to consider many factors to see and understand whether your business grows. You can do that through analytics and measuring marketing metrics and KPIs.

2022-11-155 min
Web push scam
Web push scam: How to recognize and protect yourself online

Web push is an effective form of communication with your customers. With the growing popularity of this channel, there is always a risk that cybercriminals will try to use push notifications.

2022-11-085 min
mobile push notification statistics
10+ statistics about mobile push notifications you need to know

We’ve gathered a list of the most interesting mobile-push-related statistics that will give you a better insight into this marketing tool.

2022-10-314 min
social media news websites
A social media strategy for news websites

Thriving on social media is not an easy task. If you run a news website, you should create a strategy that makes the most of your biggest asset – the constant flow of news. Let’s see how you can create a working social media strategy for your company

2022-10-244 min
segmentation and targeting pushpushgo
Target your campaign with new segments

Segmentation was created to facilitate the creation of groups of subscribers for targeted web push campaigns.

2022-10-187 min

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