Find out how web push notifications work and discover their marketing potential

What is m-commerce and what are the sales opportunities it creates?

By the end of 2021, the share of mobile commerce in all e-commerce will rise to 72,9%. Such rapid growth brings new opportunities and challenges for online retailers: m-shoppers have a shorter decision process but also a higher abandoned cart rate.

2021-08-057 min
PushPushGo anniversary, web push notifications
PushPushGo turns four: an interview with Dawid Mędrek and Mateusz Worotyński

Mateusz Worotyński and Dawid Mędrek shared about their path of building a company from technological and business sides, obstacles they faced, the lessons they learned as well as plans for further business growth.

2021-07-2818 min
web push notification subscribers expectations
What do web push notification subscribers expect?

When planning a web push campaign, do you think about what affect it will have on your recipients? Do you know that they do not evaluate only a single campaign, but look at your notifications collectively? Do you know what your subscribers expect?

2021-07-224 min
optimize image in web push notifications to increase CTR
How to optimize image in web push notification and increase CTR?

Attractive pictures in web push notifications can affect users behaviour, increase Click Through Rate and impact purchasing decisions. Find out how to prepare the perfect push in the article.

2021-07-163 min
PushPushGo investor Vercom Group web push
PushPushGo gains a new investor - Vercom Group

Vercom S.A., a dynamically growing technology company, will invest PLN 9,3 million (USD 2,42 million) in PushPushGo gaining 67,42% of shares.

2021-07-082 min
online_zakupy_wspólczynnik konwersji_ecommerce
Ways Copywriting Can Boost Your E-commerce Conversion Rates

Did you know that copywriting can boost your e-commerce conversion rates? Here you find 5 ways to improve your conversion rates and sales with copywriting.

2021-06-224 min

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