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Marketing analytics for everyone? Google Data Studio basics.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of this tool and how to create your first interactive dashboard. I would also like to invite you to my webinar, where I will go more in depth on this topic.

02/11/2019 7 min
How to expose selling value to your clients

Understanding your customers is a key element of effective sales, therefore, it's important to be on the same wave with them. Find out how to expose a Unique Sales Proposition to your clients using the language of benefits.

02/05/2019 5 min
3 smart approaches to web push notification usage in the publishing industries

Meanwhile, when printed publications are getting old-school, a real struggle in the Internet space between online media unfolds. It requires a savvy marketing strategy where web push notifications can become your secret weapon in this media battle.

01/28/2019 17 min
A short guide to marketing automation

What is marketing automation and how to use it? What are the best marketing automation tools? Marketing automation can help gain your company's business goals. Find out how in this article.

01/23/2019 6 min
Conversion rate: how to analyze and optimize it?

A conversion rate is one of the main indicators of the success of online businesses. Even if a store is quite decent at selling and can not complain about the lack of turnover, you can always work on improving as your competition doesn’t sleep.

01/16/2019 7 min
4 rules around lead nurturing that you need to know!

Lead nurturing - for many it's just a buzzword, but others see a lot of value in it. What to take into consideration when planning a lead nurturing strategy? Let us guide you through four golden rules to follow.

01/15/2019 5 min


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