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2 brand-new and 5 old school Shopify apps you need to install in 2019

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Just in 2018, there were 2,400 applications ready to be installed in your e-commerce operation in the Shopify app store. Sounds like a lot, right? While the giant from Ottawa minimizes the difficulty of establishing your own store and makes it easy to start selling in just a few minutes, the huge choice of applications available can make it hard to know which tools you need to use. That's why we’re highlighting two brand-new and seven old-school Shopify apps you need to install in 2019.

Finding the best applications in the Shopify app store

Retailers are always trying to determine what number of applications is appropriate for their online stores and which ones are real must-haves. You can find hundreds of such threads on Quora and other websites with discussions on this subject. Blogs for e-commerce are bursting at the seams with the supposedly best Shopify mailing lists, thanks to which you will earn millions by sacrificing only a few minutes of your precious time. Shopify itself promotes its own applications the most, with less attention given to third party offers.

So how do you choose the best and most useful tools from 2,400 different applications?

I started out with a few simple insights about the Shopify app store that can help anyone take the first steps:

  1. Carefully check the functionalities of the application

There’s almost always a less expensive option with the same functionalities. You don’t need 5 apps that do the same thing, especially when you have to pay for all of them!

  1. Don’t be guided strictly by reviews

Shopify constantly changes its policies regarding reviews due to issues with accuracy. Put more trust in recent reviews as they reflect current improvements and upgrades.

  1. Make contact with people who actually use the apps

Among the Shopify retailer community, it is very easy to find heavy users of the application data. They know their weaknesses and strengths better than anyone and will certainly be happy to share their impressions.

  1. Contact support for a given application

First of all, you can ask them directly how they can help you. Secondly, you will see the quality of their support you can expect as a customer.

And now let’s look at a list of 2 brand-new and 7 old school Shopify apps, which are worth trying out, no matter how long your Shopify store has been open!

I immediately divided the applications into specific categories, so that you can save time and make it easier to navigate the article.

Table of Contents:

Brand-new apps: Marketing and sales boost

Old school apps: Client Service

Old school apps: Social proof

Old school apps: SEO

Old school apps: Store design and data storage

Old school apps: Translations


Brand-new apps: Marketing and sales boost

1. PushPushGo - web push notifications, or newsletter 2.0

A survey of PushPushGo clients revealed that between 5% and 10% of visitors to a page signed up for web push notifications and $1 invested in web push brought $35 in revenue.

Web push notifications are a completely new channel to reach your customers, sometimes referred to as “newsletter 2.0” or the successor of the newsletter in e-commerce. Because web push notifications are small rectangular messages sent via a web browser, they are displayed directly on the desktop of your recipients. It is difficult to miss them, which translates into a larger number of clicks and higher conversion.

web push - abandoned cart

web push notifications features

You’re probably wondering why we are so confident that we put our application first without having reviews in the Shopify store. It’s just that we have lots of evidence that PushPushGo is an effective tool to rescue abandoned carts and increase return to your e-store website.

The average click rate on web push notifications from 12% to as much as 21%, an impressive achievement compared to other channels. Among our clients, there are both small online stores and international giants like Pandora, Stileo, McDonald's, 4F or TUI. So we know what challenges you face every day and how to meet them.

Our 24h support offers all customers, regardless of their size, exactly the same high level of service.

Give us a try! You have up to 30 days to test our application for free. See what web push notifications can do for you!

5 key capabilities you can get from the application with little or configuration necessary:

  • Save abandoned carts
  • Increase return rate to your site
  • Reminders of recently-viewed products if they were not purchased
  • Welcome message for new subscribers
  • Dedicated scenarios on the basis of customer behavior on your site that we can prepare for you

web push subscription form

web push automation scenarios - shopify

Pricing: $35/month per every 5,000 active subscribers, 30-day free trial

How quickly they respond to messages: We always reply within a few minutes and do everything we can to help

Most useful review:

PushPushGo - customer review

2. Refericon - referral program for your clients simplified

According to Nielsen 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and they are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Refericon provides your store with a tool that allows you to make the most of your referral program.

It is a widget that lets customers recommend your store to your friends via a referral link, Facebook or email. Both the person who makes the referral and the person who accepts it will receive a discount.

The appearance of the widget can be freely configured so that it suits the aesthetics of your store.

refericon screenshot

refericon how it works shopify

Here’s an example of the e-mail that is sent to the person who has received a recommendation to a given store. You can change the text as needed. Best of all, it is sent from the email address of the person who made the recommendation.

refericon email

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Change the appearance of the widget to suit your own look
  • Automatically personalize messages for those who get recommendations for your store
  • Integrated sign-up for your newsletter to boost your subscriber base
  • Use of client’s friend's email address
  • Share information via Facebook

Pricing: from $9.99, 14-day free trial

How quickly they responded to my message: Within a few minutes and very helpfully

Most useful review:

refericon customer review shopify

Old school apps: Customer Support

3. Tidio - Live chat boosted with bots and marketing automation

53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions. There is probably no better solution to this problem than implementing live chat on your store's website. It's becoming a must-have for e-commerce and, thanks to a dedicated mobile application, you can respond to customers anytime and from anywhere!

Using this app means that you can minimize the risk that the customer will not find product information on the website and decide to look elsewhere. And don’t make the mistake of thinking all live chat is the same—we think Tidio is the best for good reason.

The same article above indicates that 38% of business vendors say their customers find their scripted responses frustrating. This is one of the problems that most automated chats cannot handle. Thanks to the use of chatbots and marketing automation from Tidio, you will avoid this problem, because their automatic messages may vary depending on, for example, whether a person has already bought something or what subpage they are currently viewing. Everything can be configured according to your needs.

tidio shopify

When no one is available to answer customer questions, chatbots step with quick and convenient help!

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Messenger and email integration
  • iOS & Android App
  • Rich widget customization options
  • The option to see what your visitor is typing in real time
  • Dozens of automation and bot templates for boosting your sales

Pricing: Free up to 3 users. Additional users priced at $12.50 each.  

How quickly they responded to my message: Within just a few minutes

Most useful review:

tidio customer review shopify

Old school apps: Social proof

4. Urgency, Social Proof & Timers - Everything you need to get customers to make a purchase now

You already know how important social proof is. It’s a marketing and sales technique based on the opinion of other satisfied buyers that motivates undecided customers to buy at a given moment.

Nearly 70 percent of online consumers look at product reviews prior to making a purchase. According to Nielsen, 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know! Timers and other tools that create the impression of urgency are another must-have tool-kit in e-commerce, which will help hesitating customers decide on a given product because it may not be available soon. Thanks to tools based on urgency, social proof & timers, you can make the conversion and gain a loyal customer.

As information about what has been purchased on your site:

Or a time that shows how much longer a promotion will run:

urgency, social proof & timers on shopify

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Real-time personalization
  • Fully customizable template & appearance
  • Great timers and social proof bars
  • 8+ languages
  • A-B test to show conversion results

Pricing: Start from $9/month, 30-day free trial

How quickly they answered my message: Very quickly and helpfully

Most useful review:

urgency, social proof & timers customer review shopify

Old school apps: Store design and data storage

5. Custom Fields - Data Storage - The app you need if you manually create product descriptions

Product descriptions are important, both to customers of your store and search engines. Online retail giant Overstock.com, saw an 84% increase in organic traffic in just one month after optimizing product descriptions on its top-converting pages. But that’s not all.

If you sell a lot of products in your Shopify store, you know the challenge that good product descriptions present. How many times have you had enough manual copying and pasting of their descriptions, or how many times have you lacked space to describe them in a more customer-friendly way?

Custom Fields is here to help. Thanks to useful functions like importing and exporting data, you can conveniently place all the necessary information on the website and your store will look exactly as you want.

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Text, number, HTML, date, email, phone, link, code embed, and reference fields
  • You can edit Custom Fields in Shopify using a Chrome extension
  • Import using bulk upload, fine-tune exports with a powerful filter system
  • Integration with Shopify's Bulk Editor
  • Always free for development stores until the store is actually launched

Pricing: Free version available. Paid plan starts from $7/month, 14-day free trial

How quickly they answered my message: Very fast and very helpful

Most useful review:

custom fields - data storage customer review shopify

Old school apps: SEO

6. SEO Image Optimizer - more traffic from Google Image Search for free

The importance of high search engine rankings cannot be overestimated. In order to appear high in SERP, sometimes you have to work hard, but once this is achieved it's a bit like having free internet advertising all the time, and the monetary equivalent you would have to spend on Facebook for the same coverage is incredible.

According to Moz, Google Images is the world's second largest Internet search engine, right after Google and covers 26.79% of searches in the world. Think about the SEO potential is for your store!

The SEO image optimizer will help you optimize the images of products in your store completely free of charge, using a default ALT tag template or your own, thereby increasing the store's traffic and sales opportunities. In the paid plan you can also fix broken links and optimize Meta Tags.

Did I mention that the application can be installed with one click?

seo image optimizer shopify

seo image optimizer shopify

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Ready-made and personalized ALT tag templates
  • Fast ALT synchronization
  • Google Snippets
  • Fix broken links
  • One-click install

Pricing: Always free version available. Paid plan starts from $19.99/month

How quickly they answered my message: Super quick and very nice & helpful

Most useful review:

seo image optimizer customer review shopify

Old school apps: Translations

7. Langify - Speak everyone’s language

You don’t even need any statistics to know that a language barrier can be a serious problem when it comes to shopping in your store. What's more, 75% of respondents say that they want to buy products on websites in their own language and 59% do not buy on websites that are only available in English!

If you sell your product range to different countries, good translations are part of doing business.

Thanks to Langify, you can easily adapt currencies and languages on your website. The application also automatically detects the browser language of the person who visits your website and adjusts the language of your store accordingly. You decide for which countries to translate the page, and for which to leave the default language. It's all done using convenient data import functions and dedicated SEO functions.

langify for shopify

5 key capabilities you can get from the application:

  • Automatically recognize customer languages (including Right-To-Left languages!)
  • Optimized SEO and translation of meta tags
  • Option of connecting several domains under one language
  • Import/Export of translations (CSV, gettext, XLIFF, JSON)
  • Image translation support

Pricing: $17.50/month. 7-day free trial

How quickly they answered my message: Very helpful support within minutes

Most useful review:

langify customer review shopify

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Web push marketing evangelist. Dynamic PR and employer branding enthusiast and communication manager with knowledge and experience of many industries. Fan a new media and online communities.

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