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Web push automation to increase your Shopify store conversion

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Shopify Inc. is a fast-growing e-commerce platform. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, it operates in 175 countries and just in the last six years the number of merchants has grown by 1900%, from 41,000 in 2012 to 820,000 in 2018.

However, opening an e-commerce store is the easy part, but growing a profitable online business, especially in a highly competitive environment, is the real challenge.

Marketing your products online is not an easy task but has to be done if you want to reach your audience. After all the effort required to drive traffic to your website, are you sure you are doing the most to convert prospects into customers?

Luckily, the Shopify platform offers over 2400 applications in various categories that can make the life of the store manager much easier. So, how do you choose the most important and the best apps among those 2400? We’ve already prepared our recommendations of the top-7 necessary tools for Shopify store owners and managers.

In this article, I would like to address the most acute and most painful issues for e-commerce stores - abandoned carts and low return rates.

Table of Contents

Web push for e-commerce: how and why it works

Web push notifications for Shopify merchants

PushPushGo for your Shopify store: Where to start

Web push for e-commerce: how and why it works

7 out of 10 carts are abandoned and 92% of customers never buy again in the same store.

There are tons of advice on the Internet about how to deal with these problems but I would like to talk about less known solution that has proven to be effective.

Web push notifications are a permission-based marketing tool that let you send short messages directly to subscriber desktop/mobile screens even if the user is on the website of your competitor.

Web push notifications:

  • do not collect any personal data
  • do not collect cookies
  • are Adblock resistant
  • track user behavior on the website
  • can be sent to mobile & desktop devices

web push features

The effectiveness of this technology is derived from a few factors:

  • The size of the subscriber’s database. On average, about 12% of website visitors sign up to web push notifications. For example, if your traffic per month is 500,000 visitors, your potential database might include 60,000 subscribers at the end of the month.
  • How often you send web push campaigns: Too often can be annoying and too infrequently can make users forget they actually signed up to your notifications.
  • Do you use web push automation? Automation allows web push notifications to be sent automatically after a specific trigger event (the user clicked on a specific button, like “Add to cart” / “Sign up to newsletter” / “Add to wishlist” etc. or completed some other defined action). As a result, due to personalized and perfectly targeted messages, the average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for automated campaigns is 17.29%, compared to an average CTR for manual campaigns of 10.27%.

Web push notifications for Shopify merchants

“Web push notifications have made it very accessible and easy to reach users no matter where they are. Almost immediately we were able to present our offer to the users, as well as respond to their needs.”

Krzystof Wroński, Customer Insights and Research Manager @SHOWROOM

If you own an online store on the Shopify platform, you can easily add web push notifications to your website by installing the PushPushGo App from the Shopify App Store.

Although PushPushGo recently joined the Shopify App Store, it has a proven track record of successful cooperation with such e-commerce heavyweights like MediaMarkt, Etam, Pandora, Stileo, McDonald’s, 4F, TUI and many others.

PushPushGo on Shopify search

Immediately after installing PushPushGo in your Shopify store, you can start using web push automation with four scenarios already configured for you:

1. Welcome message - a web push notification that will be automatically sent to greet all new subscribers. You always can use this notification to send a discount code for new subscribers or any other message you choose. Average CTR - 12,97%.

welcome push notification example

2. Abandoned cart - a notification that will be sent only to those users who abandoned their carts. Average CTR - 20%.

abandoned cart web push notification example

3. Last product - a notification with recently-viewed items will be sent to users encouraging them to return to your site and make a purchase. Average CTR - 14%.

recently viewed item web push notification example

4. Long absence - a notification will be sent to those users who haven’t returned to your store for more than a predefined number of days.  Average CTR - 16%.

long absence web push notification example

Apart from these scenarios, you can build your own. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  1. Discount codes for shopping. Award the most loyal customers and send them discount codes for their next purchase with a web push notification. Also, offering discounts for shopping on your website in the return for a subscription to your notifications may help to build your subscriber database faster.  Average CTR - 21%.
  2. Must-haves. Send notifications with the best-selling and trending goods to users immediately after they enter your website.  Average CTR - 12%.
  3. Cross-selling and upselling. Encourage users to buy complementary products to the purchases (for example, if the customer bought a mobile phone, you can offer earphones or a power bank) or to increase the value of their baskets (for example, send web push notifications to users with a basket value below $100 but above $70 and encourage them to add more items to exceed this amount and receive, for example, free delivery).  Average CTR - 11%.

PushPushGo for your Shopify store: Where to start

“Web push allows us to reach users on their mobile devices and provide them with a mix of automated and customised messages. To give a precise example, we sent a web push notification for our Black Friday discount - here we thought our users would be overwhelmed with all the Black Friday promotions, however, we achieved one of our best click-through rates and sales contributions which are an evidence that web push notifications seem more relevant than conventional email marketing. The message is not lost in a crowded news feed or a number of received emails but is directly visible on the screen.”

Sarah Ball, Content Marketing Manager @l’tur


1. Install the PushPushGo App

Install PushPushGo app for Shopify

2. Complete your profile settings

profile settings of web push app - Shopify

3. Configure your subscription form

3.1 In the “Website” section, insert your logo, choose the primary color and enter the project’s name. This information will be visible on the subscription pop-up.

subscription form settings, web push app, PushPushGo, Shopify

3.2 In the “Elements” section, choose the layout for your signup form and insert the text that will be displayed on this form.

subscription form module, web push, pushpushgo, shopify

Now, when you refresh the page, you can check if everything is properly displayed. If so, you are ready to collect your first subscribers!

4. Customize web push automation scenarios

In the “Automation” section, you will find ready-to-use scenarios. However, we recommend updating the text to match the tone of communication with your audience.

You can do this simply by clicking the “Edit” button.

5. Create your own web push automation scenario

If you want to create additional scenarios, you can do it by clicking on “New Automation”. You can find more information here: How to build web push automation scenarios. You can also contact our Customer Support that is available 24/7.

6. Send manual web push campaign.

When you collect your first subscribers you can send them a manual web push campaign, for example announcing a new sale in your store. You can do it by clicking “Send Campaign”.

These are the key elements of PushPushGo App. However, there are more features to discover, such as ABX test campaigns, Reporting&Analytics, etc. After installation, follow our tutorial to guide you through the application and get to know them all.

Ready to start? Install the PushPushGo app in your Shopify store! In case of any questions, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support for all the help you need in using web push notifications in the most effective way.

Olha Lypnytska

Growth Marketing Manager @PushPushGo

Passionate about advertising, digital technologies and marketing itself. Life motto: "Growth starts out of the comfort zone".

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