Booking abandonment in the travel industry

1. Problem overview

According to SaleCycle research, abandonment rates in the travel industry are even higher than in the ecommerce market. 81.6% of all bookings are abandoned. From a financial perspective, this is equal to a $1.78 trillion loss. 

In addition, there is great competition in the travel industry—travel agencies, price comparison services, price comparison services of price comparison services... As a result, on average, the client will check 7 pages before making the right purchases.

2. Goals

  • remind customers about an abandoned booking and return the recipient to the basket
  • encourage customers to finalize the purchase through a standard reminder or special benefits such as: a discount on abandoned booking
  • optimize the purchase path by detecting the moment of  booking abandonment

3. Web push automation for booking abandonment

The web push platform detects an abandoned booking on the website and analyzes:

  • the price of the abandoned products
  • type of ordered services (excursion / hotel booking / holiday booking etc.)
  • the time that has passed since the transaction was terminated

Depending on the conditions fulfilled in the first step, a pre-planned notification is sent to the recipient, which directs him/her directly to the abandoned cart.

4. Handy Advice

It is highly recommended to send a notification within 15 minutes after the user abandons the cart. It is worth mentioning that the frequency of notifications you would like to send depends on how long your booking system keeps the reservation in the shopping cart.

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new and highly effective tool to save abandoned bookings and thus increase your business revenue. 

An average CTR for web push campaigns that save abandoned shopping carts is 15.3%.

6. Benefit from our experience

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Whether you are already an experienced web push marketer or are just considering implementing this communication channel, our dedicated Strategy Department is at your disposal. 

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It is possible to integrate with XML feed and add additional information about the offer in the notification. So, in case the reservation is no longer up to date, you can send your subscriber another similar offer.

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