Customer survey in ecommerce

1. Problem overview

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” - Kenneth H. Blanchard, American author and management expert.

For eCommerce businesses, customer feedback is highly important. It helps to point the direction of further improvements, helps to find out your strengths and weaknesses, gives you insights about what makes your customers happy or unhappy. 

The good news is that 93% of buyers are ready to give feedback if the company would just ask. However, a passive company risks losing a significant portion of its customers simply by not asking about their feedback. Research shows that 95% of dissatisfied customers will not complain and 90% of them will never come back to the store without saying a word.

2. Goals

  • generate high-quality customer feedback that will identify areas for improvements
  • discover opportunities for business growth
  • learn your customers’ needs better
  • satisfy unmet needs, improve the shopping experience and strengthen “retailer - customer” relationships

3. Web push automation and customer survey

Web push platforms collect the following information that allows customers to complete a survey:

  • items that customer bought
  • number of days since the last purchase
  • date of the last purchase

Thanks to the collected data, you are able to interview buyers at any point after the purchase and ask if they are satisfied with their shopping experience or not.

4. Handy advice

You can use web push surveys not only to find out more about customer satisfaction but also to know your target audience better. Ask about what they like or prefer and depending on their answers send targeted web push campaigns.

Here is how Pandora and 4F use surveys in their campaigns.

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new and highly effective tool that enables you to deliver your customer survey directly to user desktops. One-click surveys have a very high response rate, having only limited questions and without a need to open additional tabs, which significantly increases the chances consumers will actually share their opinions. 

The CTR for customer surveys sent via web push notification platform is 9.6%.

6. Benefit from our experience

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