Geolocation in the publishing industry

1. Problem

In the case of the online publishing industry, very often the number of clicks and the overall success of a given marketing campaign largely depend on appropriate location targeting.

Creating dedicated weather messages, for example, for each city in a given country, can be very time consuming. That is why, due to proper integration with the platform for sending web push notifications, this process can be fully automated.

2. The goal of web push notifications based on geolocation:

  • automation allows senders to reduce the time needed to create campaigns dedicated to recipients in different locations featuring, for example, weather forecasts
  • increasing the chance of clicking the notification, thanks to appropriate targeting

3. Web push automation using geolocation:

From the moment a given reader subscribes to your notifications, the web push platform can track their behavior on the site and their current location.

For the purposes of your campaigns, you can use targeting:

  • manually, based on a selected area within a city, province etc.
  • automatically, based on the last location of the subscriber

4. Good practices

Periodically sent notifications regarding, for example, the exchange rate in a given country or weather forecasts for a given region may be an additional source of consistent website traffic for you.

Due to their usefulness, they help to build familiarity with a given type of content, which they receive at a fixed time of day. At the same time, this way you get the chance to get very predictable website traffic and more ad impressions.

See example notifications based on recipient's location:

5. Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new and very effective tool for generating traffic using geolocation.

The CTR for web push campaigns using different types of geolocation is 14.3%.

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