Betfan builds relationships with users and promotes betting using web push notifications

betfan web push case study

Betfan is a legal online betting service operating in Poland. Users can play and bet on the results of sports and e-sports competitions in Poland and around the world.

Betfan uses web push notifications to send:

  • mass campaigns
  • notifications from automation scenarios

👥 Subscribers

The subscriber base grows steadily, with larger spikes (about 600 sign-ups per day) recorded on days when major sports entertainment takes place.

🤯 Challenge

 Build relationships with users - on a daily basis and when they are placing bets. 

"The web push implementation was designed to quickly and efficiently reach customers that the previously used forms of communication may have missed. The goal was to achieve the fastest possible results, which translated into statistics almost immediately in GA at the time of sending the notification. Such a direct way of reaching customers is one of the most meaningful options for influencing their behavior - both for players who remain active on our platform, as well as those in the churn who we want to remind of the possibilities of using the Betfan system."

Krystian Grzelak,

Director of e-commerce department

💡 Solution

  Betfan uses the full range of web push capabilities. 

"In addition to ad hoc actions, for the aforementioned events in the world of sports, we use web pushes in reactivation scenarios - when a customer does not visit us for a dozen or more days. Other scenarios are closely related to users' historical behavior within our platform - depending on the tools or products that customers have used most often, we tailor messages as personalized to them as possible."

Krystian Grzelak,

Director of e-commerce department


For mass campaigns, Betfan uses notifications with CTA buttons with clear and distinct messages ("Play", Check"). Betfan sends out an average of 15 campaigns per month.

At the same time, Betfan has successfully implemented communication through automation scenarios. The best results received  "Abandoned Bet" for rescuing unfinished transactions. In this case, the CTR reaches 8.70%.

betfan case study

✒️ Example



🎯 Results

The implementation of e-commerce solutions proved to be a bull's eye in the case of a bookmaker website. The use of automation scenarios and conscious promotion through mass campaigns allows to build good relations with users and attract them to more games.

📢 Clients' opinion

"Web push notifications indirectly contributed to the achieved results almost immediately - it was enough to properly prepare the campaign assumptions and goals. Thanks to such specificity, the tool proved to be helpful in the case of promotional campaigns for a specific event or ongoing live sporting events, prompting customers to bet on them in real time."

Krystian Grzelak,

Director of e-commerce department

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