Dnevnik.si continually improves its readers’ engagement with web push

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As the online publishing market grows more and more competitive and various media outlets fight for the readers’ attention, Dnevnik.si continues to inform and entertain its audience with web push mass campaigns. 

The Dnevnik newspaper, published by Časopisna družba Dnevnik, is one of the central Slovenian daily news media. The company also runs a news portal Dnevnik.si, which is one of the biggest online news outlets in the country. 

👥 Subscribers

Dnevnik.si collected over 360,000 subscribers across Slovenia. 

dnevnik web push subscribers

🤯 Challenge

Gaining readers’ loyalty and establishing Dnevnik.si as a primary source of information. 

💡 Solution

Dnevnik.si builds its position by creating a habit to check articles recommended in web push notifications. The publisher focuses primarily on mass campaigns, sending their readers the most important news of the day to invite them to their website. 

Web push is just one of the channels Dnevnik.si uses to reach its target audience. It was implemented in 2019, and it’s still used to encourage users to check specific topics and articles they may have been missing. 

Dnevnik.si also uses automation scenarios to reach out to readers who didn’t visit their site for some time. 

🎯 Results

The average CTR for mass campaigns reaches 3.82%. Each push results in a spike in visits to the recommended article. 


📢 Client’s opinion

“Web push notifications are an important channel for reaching our readers. Sending notifications is simple, fast, and suitable for breaking news situations, as well as promoting the most important stories of the day. Even though the ceiling is still dictated by the content being pushed and the total number of subscribers to notifications, push notifications almost instantly result in a significant uptick in clicks on pushed articles.”

Aljaž Potočnik, Journalist 

Dnevnik d. d.

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