E-commerce in the age of the pandemic

E-commerce in the age of the pandemic InPost

💼Who is the client?

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It is a Polish courier company that has created a network of Paczkomatsi.e. self-service parcel delivery and collection points, operating 24/7.

InPost currently has more than 14 000 devices throughout the country. InPost parcel machines are also present abroad - in Great Britain, Italy and Austria.

In 2019 the company launched an innovative mobile application InPost Mobile with the function of remote opening of boxes in the parcel lockers.

The application won first place (Main Prize) in the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards 2019.

Start of cooperation with PushPushGo: January 2019

PUSH STATS (H1 2020)

  • Clicks: >1M
  • Reach Audience: 30M

😷E-commerce in the age of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic had a disastrous impact on business, especially for companies whose activities were focused mainly outside the Internet. Companies that had already developed their e-commerce activities before the pandemic came out on top - in addition to selling their products through traditional channels (in stationary stores), they also focused on online stores.

💡 Based on monthly sign-ups for web push notifications, it can be said that during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in Poles' engagement in online shopping and increased trust in online services that are convenient, fast and contactless.

  • 8,22%⬆️ - CTR

Growth in web push subscription sign-ups


Internet users are more likely to sign up for web push notifications. A 75% increase in signups in April 2020 compared to January 2020.

Increase of subscriber engagement based on click-through rates in mass campaigns


Internet users are more engaged and want to receive information through the web push channel.

Average CTR of mass campaigns


Nearly 3x increase in click-through rate for web push notifications.

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