Saving abandoned carts and increasing return rate with web push automation

💼Who is the client?

SHOWROOM started in 2012. Today it’s a large e-commerce platform known all over Europe and associated with independent local designers.

SHOWROOM uses the PushPushGo application to promote its offers through:

  • regular sending of mass campaigns to all subscribers
  • sending personalized messages as part of marketing automation scenarios


Most users subscribe to notifications sent by SHOWROOM from a smartphone. The exact breakdown looks like this:

  • Desktop - 21.10%
  • Mobile - 76.52%
  • Tablet - 2.38%

The total number of subscribers is



SHOWROOM customers often use carts as a wish list, where they collect products that they ultimately don't buy. Therefore, the biggest challenge in our cooperation was (and is) saving the abandoned carts, as well as encouraging the return of users to the site.


We implemented marketing automation scenarios to reach as many users as possible with personalized messages and product recommendations.

✒️Example scenarios

🛒The abandoned cart scenario using the automation module

The use of the marketing automation module allows you to send notifications after the user performs certain actions on the page.

In this case, we monitored the customer shopping path and responded when they left a cart behind.


Number of sent notifications:




⌛️Extended absence scenario 

When the subscriber has not visited the site for a certain period of time (for example, 14 days), he automatically receives a web push notification directing him to the last viewed category.

The script was launched in July of 2018.


Number of sent notifications:




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