Using geolocation to target clients in the travel industry

TUI web push case study

TUI is the world’s leading tour operator with a history of over 50 years. It is present in over 100 destinations worldwide and offers travel services such as package holidays, hotels, car rentals, flights, and cruises to over 20 million customers each year.

TUI Austria uses the PushPushGo application to promote its offers through:

  • regular sending of mass campaigns to all subscribers
  • sending personalized messages as part of marketing automation scenarios

👥 Subscribers

With about 187,000 subscribers TUI can reach a vast proportion of potential clients in Austria. 

🤯 Challenge

Reaching clients in the post-covid world is crucial in the travel industry. It is important to provide them with an offer most suitable for their needs and expectations. 

💡 Solution

With geolocation-based push notifications, TUI can send messages to clients based on their location. This way they can advertise special offers and flights from the airport nearest to the place where their client is staying. 

✒️ Example 

The notification “Ab Wien direkt ans Meer” is sent to users for whom the Vienna airport is the closest. 

web push notification tui


The number of sent notifications: 18,653

CTR: 4,25%

TUI sent similar messages about flights from Graz, Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck. Those notifications also reached a CTR of over 4%. 

📢Client’s opinion:

We very much appreciate the fast, very helpful, friendly, and goal-oriented support that is provided by PushPushGo.

- Sanna Martini, Customer Relationship Management, TUI Austria

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