Žurnal24.si reaches double-digit CTRs with their web push campaigns

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Founded in 2007 under Styria Media Group, Žurnal24.si is one of the most visited news portals in Slovenia nowadays. In addition to news, it offers a wide range of information on politics, sports, and lifestyle, as well as contemporary video news and many others. Monthly, the website reaches 650,000 to 740,000 unique users. As a result, Žurnal24.si owns more than 50% market share. Being oriented on innovations, Žurnal24.si is the only news website in the region to have transformed from print to online-only.

Following this philosophy, in April 2020 the portal implements web push notifications.

👥 Subscribers

The current database includes more than 280,000 web push subscribers.

🤯 Challenge

Increase page views and build an engaged database of regular readers. 

💡 Solution

Reaching out to users regularly with content that they are interested in is the best way to build lasting relationships with online readers.

Žurnal24.si regularly sends mass and targeted campaigns to its web push subscribers. On average 8-10 campaigns are sent per day. Each campaign has an expiration time (the average validity of a campaign is about 1 hour). As a result, it is not possible for the same subscriber to be “bombarded” with many pushes at the same time. 

Mass campaigns are sent with topics that are interesting to all subscribers, while targeted campaigns - only with news relevant to particular segments.

Žurnal24.si segments its subscribers based on the categories and topics they read.


Such targeting allows providing users with a better-personalized experience that also transforms into better results.

🎯 Results 

The average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of mass campaigns sent to all subscribers is 5,33%, while for targeted campaigns average CTR is 7,28%.

Have a look at the recent campaign.


The campaign informed about the fire that was happening at the end of March 2022 in Upper Carniola (Gorenjska), a region in the north of Slovenia.

It was sent only to subscribers that were previously interested in the news from this region. Even though the campaign was valid for only 2 hours, it received a 22,45% CTR.


📢 Client’s opinion:

Web push is a must these days. Especially if the media doesn't have an app. But even if you have one, this alternative provides better monetization solutions. There is no development needed and a team of PushPushGo is always on hand.

Matej Košir, Executive director, EIC & CTO @ Styria Media si, d.o.o.

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