24 changes that GDPR will introduce in your marketing strategy

and why they do not apply to web push notifications


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GDPR is coming into force just in a few months.

Are you ready for the changes that these regulations will introduce into your company or are you starting to look for solutions that will be easy to implement immediately?

Find out how the new rules will affect your work and why it won’t be as bad as you might think. Practical tips prepared jointly by PushPushGo and the MyLo Law Office will help you deal with GDPR.

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This guide includes


29 pages of knowledge

to use immediately


Real business examples

that you can easily adapt to your operation


The most important things to know

about web push notifications as a new online marketing channel that is GDPR-friendly


Expert commentary

on processing personal data for marketing purposes

Enjoy reading!

feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Joanna Worotyńska

vp of communication and marketing @ pushpushgo

Agnieszka Grzesiek-Kasperczyk

legal advisor, partner @ mylo law office

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