Web push notifications performance during 2021For e-commerce

Discover the performance of web push notifications during 2021 based on the data collected from 850 online stores

Web push notification performance during 2021

Web push notifications are getting more popular among online businesses. The e-commerce industry is one of the heavy users of web push tool. We analyzed the performance of web push campaigns of 850 online stores that sent 28 746 web push campaigns or 1 883 356 196 notifications.

The report includes web push notifications performance with a breakdown per region (Europe, South America) and sector (Electronics and Accessories, Fashion and Apparel, Household Goods, Entertainment, Beauty and Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Pet Care, Automotive, Grocery, Children's ATH).

In the report you will find:

  • web push average CTR in 2021
  • the best performing days to send web push campaigns
  • which campaigns performed better: mass or targeted
  • if call to action affect web push performance or not
  • if you should enable Require Interation feature to achieve better results
  • what is the future of web push

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Olha Lypnytska

Olha Lypnytska

growth marketing manager @ pushpushgo

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Paulina Poniewska

Senior Strategy and Data Analyst @ PushPushGo

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