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Attention spans are shorter than ever, down to an average of about 8 seconds. That puts an average internet user BEHIND goldfish.

Banner blindness and widespread adblockers usage are other problems that became a reason to create a new marketing channel - web push notifications.

Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Slack and others send them, followed by the majority of bloggers, e-commerce owners, marketplaces, banks, telecoms, publishers and other companies for whom the** website is an important point of contact with potential customers**. Yet, there are still few studies that can easily show the market potential of this marketing channel.

We analyzed data of 2 770 000 000 notifications sent in 2018 via PushPushGo platform, so you can decide whether web push is a tool for you.

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Katarzyna Kwartnik

Katarzyna Kwartnik

content marketing manager @ pushpushgo

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