What changes we can observe in the Serbian and global markets? What trends we can expect in the coming years due to these changes?

Some of the interesting things that will be discussed more in the near future are the rise of the digital art scene, NFT, and how brands will be able to interact with consumers in the Metaverse.

digital marketing trends serbia

With Nenad Milić we discussed Serbian market and, among others, the following questions:

  • How Serbian businesses were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Which sectors, apart from e-commerce, thrived during the last years?
  • Are face-to-face contacts still important in the era of remote work and life?
  • Did the customers’ expectations changed as a result of the lockdown?
  • Which events and processes should companies in Serbia be on the lookout for in the coming years?
  • How will the model of doing business in Serbia change in the future?
Renata Okrajni

Renata Okrajni

Operations Manager @ pushpushgo

Operations Manager at PushPushGo, she has been involved in the new technology market for four years. She is interested in the event industry, where she has experience as an organizer. Privately a mother of two little children and a fan of bicycle touring.

Nenad Milić

Nenad Milić

Executive Director @ IAB Serbia

Nenad is a seasoned former diplomat and current communications specialist with profound knowledge of marketing and advertising, international relations, diplomacy and government affairs gained from working both in the public and private sectors. Multilingual with vast international experience and exposure from being engaged in challenging social, cultural and religious environments across various regions in Europe, Africa, North and South America. All this is complimented with a strong understanding of the key business factors needed to successfully drive projects and coordinate teams in highly competitive circumstances. Currently engaged as Executive Director in an international association for digital advertising in Serbia – IAB Serbia.

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