How do you strategically plan your media budget to achieve the goals you set?

Ionuț Munteanu shared with us how to not lose control of your media budget and how to manage it effectively.

media budget management

In this interview, we discussed with Ionuț Munteanu questions that are important for effective media budget management:

  • How to estimate the budget we need to use for promotion?
  • What key factors we should consider when planning the budget?
  • Are there any additional costs we should be prepared for?
  • In which situations we can have overconsumption and underconsumption of media budget?
  • How to allocate funds between different platforms in the best way?
  • How to control budget spending?
  • How to know that media investments were successful?

If you are working with media budget in your company or manage budgets of your clients this interview is a must-watch.

Renata Okrajni

Renata Okrajni

Operations Manager @ pushpushgo

Operations Manager at PushPushGo, she has been involved in the new technology market for four years. She is interested in the event industry, where she has experience as an organizer. Privately a mother of two little children and a fan of bicycle touring.

Ionuț Munteanu

Ionuț Munteanu

Marketeer & full-time entrepreneur

Perpetual student of the human mind, passionate marketeer, full-time entrepreneur. For more than a decade actively involved in the growth and development of the "Performance Marketing" market in Romania.

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