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When answering this question, please note the difference between the initial sign-up form and the browser default window asking for permission to receive notifications.

Introductory sign-up form

A subscription to notifications is usually preceded by a ready-made sign-up form. It normally  has the form of a pop-up or a small closable window modelled after the design of the site.

source: http://virtualo.pl/

PushPushGo gives you the option to edit the content and appearance of your sign-up form. The settings can be configured in the panel by going to the Templates tab and then Sign-up form. More information about sign-up forms can be found here.

Browser window asking for consent to receive notifications

After accepting the initial registration form, consent must be confirmed by clicking Allow in Browser. In simple integrations, it is visible in the confirmation window:

In the case of integration with your own domain, however, the window appears in the bar containing the url of the page:


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