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Subscribing for notifications

If you have encountered this behavior of the subscription form, first make sure that everything was saved correctly.

1.On the initial subscription form, click Allow
2. In the confirmation window, click Allow
3. Add ?ppg_test_mode=on to the link parameter and refresh page.
Example: https://www.example.com/?ppg_test_mode=on
A green bar will appear at the bottom of the page with information about the subscriber. If it is correctly saved, the message "You are subscribed" will appear on the bar.

Installed Service Worker

To make sure someone is subscribed to notifications, it's worth checking if a service worker has been installed in the browser. To do this, open a new tab and enter chrome://serviceworker-internals/ in the browser toolbar. Then press ctrl + f and search for the name of the page for which the subscription should be. 

If the subscription is active, you will find a position similar to the one in the graphic above.
Notification settings 

The last thing to check is the notification settings in Google Chrome. To do this, just open this link in a new tab - chrome://settings/contentExceptions#notifications and then use ctr + f to search for the page name.

There should be an item containing website's address.


Contact us

If you still need help with your sign-up form, please feel free to contact us at any time at support@pushpushgo.com. Be sure to include a description of the problem.

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