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PushPushGo gives you the power to automate parts of your web push campaigns. Everything related to setting up automated messages and responses can be arranged in the Automation module.

You can use it to create subscriber paths for particular situations that will result in automated messages being sent. It might be, for example, for when someone abandons a cart worth a certain amount or if a predefined amount of time passes since someone’s last visit to your site or any number of things.

Just set it up and let PushPushGo take care of it!

Collecting data

PushPushGo lets you monitor all information you collect that can be used to create the components of marketing automation scenarios:

  • Simple and advanced conditions
  • Personalized notifications
  • Editing of additional fields with subscriber information
  • API requests

Later on, we will look at how this data is collected in the system and how to use it to set up various scenarios.

Collecting subscriber data >

Automation report

In the automation scenario, information statistics on the number of people who have gone through a given path appear in the tree.

To go back to creating an automation scenario, click on edit scenario, which is found on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Remember that by clicking report, you can only view the automation scenario. You cannot edit it at this stage.

Reseting statistics

This will erase the number of people who implemented a scenario. From this moment onwards, their number will be recorded from the start.

Example scenarios

We’ve put together a few example scenarios that you might use in your panel:

If you don’t see the scenario you’re looking for, just contact us at and we’ll help you set it up.


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