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Another widget that you can activate from is an Inbox for your web push notifications.

Analysis of email marketing campaigns shows that subscribers often return to the same message in their inboxes. Setting up an inbox for web push notifications is a great way to allow your customers to access past messages from you.

After enabling this option, a round button with a bell icon will appear in the lower left corner of the screen and take subscribers to their inboxes.

Configuring recipient Inboxes

The appearance and text content of inboxes can be edited. Go to Templates > Subscription Manager and use the fields to enter the parameters of the inbox. Colors and fonts can be changed through the addition of CSS in the appropriate fields. Advanced personalization options are available to anyone with HTML or CSS knowledge.


Before you activate subscriber inboxes, be sure to personalize the text to encourage potential subscribers to sign up. Use inboxes to tell subscribers:

  • how often you will send notifications
  • what kind of information you plan to share with them
  • the benefits they gain by receiving web push notifications from you
  • that they can always access past notifications in their inboxes

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