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At PushPushGo we offer the possibility to hide selected content on the website and make it available only to users who have signed up for notifications. This solution is most often used by publishers who, on selected articles, may obscure part of the article and encourage readers to subscribe to notifications on the site.


Before activating the widget, it is worth adjusting the picture and texts that will be displayed in the obscured content. To do this, go to the tab Elements > Sign-up form > Advanced and fill in the fields: Icon, Title, Description and Content of the button.

A very important element to configure is the Selector. This is the path to the element on the page you want to blur. The best practice is to adopt a specific css class that will be responsible for the ReadByPush option. This can be, for example, the pbp-block class. Then, after entering the value of .pbp-block in the Selector field and enabling the widget, all elements with the pbp-block class will be blocked on the page.


To be able to easily identify subscribers who sign up via ReadByPush, we tag them with a special "readbypush" tag.


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