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Signup form

The first confirmation that you have successfully integrated your page is the display of the following pop-up:

Signup form

In PushPushGo we call it Signup form, because it allows users to subscribe for notifications.

Signup form personalization

A well-designed and attractive form will get results and drive the growth of your subscriber database. Each of its elements is important and worth taking the time to optimize as needed.

The appearance and content of the form can be edited and changed at any time. This can be done in the Template tab on the left side of the Main menu. PushPushGo offers seven types of signup forms:


Signup form

Sample view of signup form on mobile

Operating system - Google Chrome, telephone model - Samsung Galaxy S8

Top Bar

Signup form

Top box

Signup form


Signup form


Signup form

For the personalized form, you can select a graphic to be displayed as the primary element and determine its placement within the notification.

A preview of your project can be seen on the right side of the Project Creator, where you can check to see if your text fits properly or if, for example, emoticons display as they should.


Thanks to Multichannel forms, you are able to collect new subscribers both for your newsletter and for web push notifications with the help of one pop-up window.

Signup form

Graphic dimensions for the subscription form

The graphics you use in the signup form must have the appropriate dimensions (otherwise they will not display correctly):

  • personalized horizontal form 400x250 px
  • personalized vertical form 300x350 px
  • multichannel form 330x442 px

You can also use .gif files in signup forms.

If you want to personalize your form even more by using your own CSS styles, let us know and we will introduce all the changes for you.

Using display rules, you can also view the subscription form only on certain subpages of your website. You can find them in the elements tab on the page in the display rules section.

When creating notifications with large graphics, meaning a rich push, we recommend using a photo with dimensions of 1000x500 px. It will display properly on all operating systems.

To ensure the form works properly follow the steps below:

1. Integrate PushPushGo with Email Platform

Integrate your email marketing platform with PushPushGo by going to the Settings > Integrations > Mail Sync section and selecting your platform from the list.Signup form

Next, complete the integration form with the required parameters, which can be found in the settings of your email marketing platform. After clicking Integrate, the logo of the platform will be marked with an icon signifying a completed integration.

Signup form

2. Select subscribers list

When the process is complete, you can return to the settings of the Signup form. In the field with available platforms, your integration will be visible. Select it and then choose the subscriber list you want to add new recipients to.

Signup form

3. Save form settings

Remember to save new settings.

Signup form extra settings

The Signup form creator can also be used to personalize other settings like:

  • The time after which the form appears on the page
  • The number of days after which the form will appear again after being closed
  • Enabling mobile pop-ups
  • Adding your own CSS style to change the appearance of the form

Signup form

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