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Website integration

Simple manual integration

Please note that in the case of Simple Manual Integration, all you have to do is paste the integration code anywhere in your site's code. As a result:

  • Subscribers will be added in two steps. After accepting the signup form, a second window will appear asking for confirmation of the acceptance.
  • The recipients are registered on the subdomain dedicated to each project //
  • Notifications will display a dedicated subdomain //

3a. To use this integration, paste the integration script in the source anywhere on your site.

4a. After pasting the script into the page source, click the Check Integration button to check that everything is working correctly.

The following green message will inform you if the integration has been done properly:

Manual integration with your own domain

In the case of manual integration with your own domain, additional conditions must be met during integration:

  • Your domain must have https
  • You must put the integration script in the <head> section of your site's code
  • You must put on the root path of your server downloaded filesw.js. (so that it is available from the web page
  • Due to these conditions, it is not possible to carry out this integration using Google Tag Manager

What do you gain thanks to this integration?

  • Your recipients subscribe through one-click notifications, so your base grows faster
  • Only your domain is visible in the notifications on your website

See how easy it can be done =>>> 

3b. To integrate your website via Manual Integration with your own domain, first, download and unpack the scripts and then place them on the server's root path.

To check if they have been placed properly:

4b. Next, place the integration code in the <head> section in the code of your site and click the Check Integration button to check its validity.

4c. The green message will inform you about the correct integration and your website will start displaying the signup form for web push notifications.


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