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Build up a GDPR-friendly database of subscribers twice as fast as a newsletter

Save abandoned carts and optimize the shopping path

Monitor the time of the last visit and automatically increase the return rate to the website

Track user behavior and increase sales

What are web push notifications?

Browser notifications allow you to easily establish effective communication with your subscribers.

They are small windows that appear in the corner of the computer screen or on mobile devices. Your recipients will receive them even when they are currently browsing another website, which is why they effectively attract attention and generate clicks.

Web push notifications allow you to build your own subscriber base much faster than via email marketing and establish effective communication with them with minimal effort required from both parties.

Their basic version consists of graphics, a title and a short piece content with a link to the landing page.

You can also create expanded notifications with things like an action button.

An example of a rich push, a functionality available in Google Chrome and Edge:

How do web push notifications work?

Web notifications are sent through the browser used by the subscriber.

Users subscribe to them using a form on the sender's website with just one click! The only condition for receiving them is an open or background browser.

This means that your potential subscriber base includes anyone who uses a web browser supporting the web push function.

Integration of the application for sending browser notifications consists of pasting one line of integration code to your website. It doesn't slow down the loading speed at all.

Which browsers support web push?

All of the most commonly used, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Together, they cover more than 80% of the global market.

What’s different about web push?

  • simple, effective communication in real time
  • no need to collect email addresses or other personal data
  • no need to collect cookies
  • resistant to spam filters
  • resistant to ad blocking software (AdBlock)
  • ships to both desktops and mobile devices

Resistant to AdBlock, no collection of cookies

Test multiple scenarios at once

Easy automation, no IT involvement required

Web push - the most modern marketing channel

Everyone’s on the lookout for spam and we've learned to ignore ads, filter out unwanted messages, and close all pop-up windows.

Our attention span is eight seconds, which puts us just behind goldfish. This isn’t surprising since the average internet user processes about 34 GB of data every day.

Web push notifications are permission marketing. This means that in order to receive them, the recipient must give explicit consent—otherwise it is technologically impossible. So there can be no unwanted messages with web push.

Notifications also fit the way modern Internet users operate. They appear on the screen regardless of which page you are currently browsing, and the only action you can take is to click or close the notification.

Their small size and small character limit make it easy for users to interact with them and persuade them to act.


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Web push vs email marketing

You don’t need to convince marketers to send newsletters, although their effectiveness varies. Meanwhile, most of the goals that email marketing pursues can be met successfully with web push notifications, only in a more concise and less traditional form.

Each delivered notification is automatically opened. You don't have to check any inbox to read them. This means that the CTR of web push can be up to five times higher than for newsletters.

Most important, however, is the fact that with push notifications you can reach a completely new group of recipients who has learned to ignore emails.

How do you use web push?


To increase return rate The key to increasing sales is turning those who have visited your website at least once into paying customers. Don't let them forget you by sending web push notifications and tempting them with the best offers.


To save abandoned baskets. According to research, 69% of transactions initiated end in an abandoned cart. Web push is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem, all thanks to personalized product recommendations and the power of marketing automation.


For content distribution. With the help of notifications you will quickly and conveniently inform subscribers about a newly written article, e-book or other material. This is a great opportunity, especially for news portals and bloggers, since creating a campaign will take you less than five minutes, and the notification will be delivered immediately after clicking "Send".

Rocket Push - for people who want to report breaking news at the speed of light, at PushPushGo we have created the Rocket Push function that allows you to create a web push campaign in less than 60 seconds.


For upselling and cross-selling. Has someone made a purchase in your store? Encourage him to come back by sending a web push notification containing a discount for their next purchase. You can also send notifications during the user's visit to your website.


As a tool for lead generation and lead nurturing. Anyone who subscribes to your notifications also becomes a lead. Each notification sent later is oriented towards lead nurturing. Advanced tracking of recipient behavior will help you with this.


As a marketing automation tool. PushPushGo as a platform for sending web push notifications gives you the opportunity to use a marketing automation module. After creating a campaign, the system will automatically send personalized notifications based on specific user behavior on the site.


As an alternative to newsletters. The statistics are clear - implementing web push is associated with much better results than using email marketing.


To track user behavior on the site Thanks to PushPushGo you can monitor the activity of users visiting your website. You will use this knowledge not only to send personalized web push notifications, but also to all other marketing campaigns.

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Is web push the right solution for you?

Web push notifications can actually be sent to any website. How can this form of marketing help you?

  • By educating your audience. Web push notifications will inform them about new articles, major events, available products or changes in the company.
  • By building your brand image and improving customer experience. Thank them for shopping, visiting your site and ask them to complete a short survey about their preferences.
  • By conducting various types of promotions. With web push you can send discount codes and direct your future customers directly to landing pages.
  • With transactional issues. You will send a notification when someone makes a purchase or takes other steps.

Although web push notifications with the right strategy can work in virtually any business, there are industries that use this solution more often and pave the way for others. Web push messages have become a standard even in the e-commerce, travel and publishing industries.

Examples of web push

By using the PushPushGo application, you can create notifications of any content for different purposes. Here are some examples of web push notifications that will show you the potential of this highly effective channel:

Sign up form

Welcome message

Saving abandoned carts

Content distribution


Information about sales or discounts


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