Online marketing insights

A short guide to marketing automation

Last updated - November 22 2023 3:07 AM
Katarzyna Kwartnik
Reading time - 6 min
Online marketing insights

A short guide to marketing automation

Last updated - November 22, 2023
Katarzyna Kwartnik
6 min Read

Marketing automation can solve the challenge of gaining an audience’s attention and redirecting it to help gain your company’s business goals. In the era of stiff competition, getting through to your target audience can be difficult and imprecise but most of all - ineffective. Everyday, internet users come in contact with thousands of various messages. How many ads do we actually remember? Do we at least remember brands that sent us an e-mail today or which ads we’ve seen on Facebook? If there weren’t any original elements or anything special in this message, we'd most likely forget about it.

What is marketing automation and how should you use it in your strategy? What are the best marketing automation tools? Below you’ll find the answer to these questions.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is based on using tools and methods that allow you to program communication scenarios with clients.

Consumers are more interested in interacting with a brand that shows an individual approach. Up to this point, personalisation could have meant adding a name in an email sent by the brand to the client. Currently, there are many more capabilities available. Using these said mechanisms allows you to distribute the right content for your target audience interested in the topic, recommend products from a specific category visited by the consumer or prepare birthday discounts. The more customer data the brand has, the more personalised their messages are which improves their experience and encourages them to interact with each other.

Why is it worth using marketing automation solutions?

There are many advantages to marketing automation:

  • First of all, it allows you to save a lot of time because after planning a campaign you have to optimise and edit it according to your needs. Thus, the company may employ specialists in other areas and limit human resources, e.g. in the context of customer service (thanks to the automation of, for example, the process of replying to messages).

  • Thanks to the personalisation through marketing automation processes, the message addressed to the recipient is relevant and adapted to their needs, and thus the brand can avoid negative associations or someone marking its message as spam.

  • As a marketer, you can focus on strategic activities and planning next campaigns - your energy and time are no longer absorbed by sending individual messages or running inefficient campaigns on social media.

  • In addition, the automation of one process can help personalise other activities for which there wasn’t any room for until now.

Marketing automation: tools

As in every field, in this case, it’s worth helping yourself out with ready solutions that you can integrate with your CRM system (Customer-relationship management). This way you will be able to program automatic activities that will react to specific actions of a client. The list of marketing automation tools seems to only get longer and longer, yet not all of them are very push friendly. Online marketing is filled with various applications, and when it comes to marketing automation, tools also give a whole spectrum of new opportunities and are continually being developed. Get to know a few of them:


This is a platform that allows you to create and send web push notifications. It's easy to use system configuration makes the implementation of the solution non-problematic. How do you build a subscriber base? Design an attractive pop-up in a drag-and-drop builder and gain new subscribers with just one click.

pushpushgo web push automation pane

Panel view of

The marketing automation module allows you to create notification scenarios in which it’s worth determining the activity depending on the user’s behaviour on the website. Using PushPushGo is a great idea for e-commerce because it sends notifications regarding new discounts, special offers and also reminds your clients about products left in their cart. These types of activities can significantly affect the value of the e-commerce conversion rate and customer loyalty.

web push notification

 Rich Push. Example of web push automation after the long absence of the subscriber. Source: PushPushGo App

Web push notifications are also great as an integral part of publishers’ websites (frequent messages encouraging to read the next entry) or sites of companies.
It’s also worth mentioning that notifications are sent only after the client consents to receive them. It eliminates the factor of receiving unwanted information - the user can turn them off at any time. Accepting to receive messages opens up a lot of opportunities for brands that can test (within ABX testing) selected creations, messages and Call to Action buttons, which can easily tie the customer to them.

gif web push

Build advanced web push automation scenarios according to your business goals. Start now absolutely for free!


hubspot marketing automation


It's a multifunctional platform for inbound marketing. It offers several tools (including a free CRM system and e-mail marketing solutions, live chat, social media monitoring, CMS and SEO) that can be used separately or together to achieve even better results. An interesting option is to automatically adjust the content on the landing page depending on the person who visits the page.


A system in which you program a bot that responds to your clients’ messages. This way, thanks to marketing automation, you can transfer the customer service area of your company to a higher level. Consumers appreciate the speed of responses, and that’s exactly what bots allow in chat boxes on websites and in social media. Thanks to the response templates, it’s possible to shorten the decision path of the potential customer and provide them with the information they need at any time: even outside standard service hours.


At first glance, it’s only a functional creator of sites like landing pages. At the same time, it offers several useful options that can automate your marketing activities, one of them being the automatic replacement of some keywords on the landing page to fit specific expressions searched by your potential customers. This solution can work well in campaigns that aim to generate sales leads.



This platform supports searching for email addresses and building a database for its cold mailing campaigns. E-mails are precisely selected and verified, and the user can divide his e-mail marketing activities into areas and sequences of campaigns and responses. will work as support for mailing activities within lead generation - with the indication of compliance of messages from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Such automation of acquiring contacts significantly shortens the distance between the brand and potential clients.

Marketing automation allows streamlining processes within the organisation and provides value not only to departments responsible for marketing activities but most importantly to the users as well. If the activities are planned well, they don’t resemble artificial automation, but processes that facilitate conversion.

High-quality personalisation and facilitation on the shopping path affect the user experience and in effect may result in higher conversion. This is only one of the reasons why you should trust marketing automation and test out different solutions on your brand.

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