An interactive analytics panel with your web and mobile push statistics

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The devil is in the details - analyze them!

Are your Monday push campaigns more effective than the Thursday ones?
Or maybe those sent in the morning bring better results than the afternoon campaigns?
Which hours and days are the best? Or it depends on the season.

Analyze your push campaigns in different time frames. Find out how their settings, time of dispatch, number of characters, and added images affect their effectiveness. The data in our panel allows you to figure out the best way to reach your subscribers.

Compare and contrast your projects

Do some of your projects reach better results than others - even though they get a similar subscriber base and have the same content?

You can easily find out the differences between different campaigns. This may inspire you to introduce the most successful strategies used by your colleagues running various projects.

Respond to changes

Has your IT team introduced some changes on the site that impacted your push automation?
Has the number of subscriptions skyrocketed? Or has the opposite happened?

Keep an eye on your push campaigns and subscriptions and reply to any new developments. This may include a broken subscription form,an error in an automation scenario, or any other abnormal occurrence in your push notifications tool.

Size does matter

✦ Do you know what number of visits to your site result in a purchase?
✦ Do you want to make your site more attractive to potential advertisers? And therefore you care about increasing traffic to your site?

Control the number of sent campaigns and number of clicks. You can see the campaign results in just seconds. This allows you to adjust your push campaigns and improve their performance.

Save your time

How much time does it take you to prepare monthly push campaign reports for your boss?

Download personalized PDF reports with all important statistics put in comprehensible charts and tables. Or maybe you want to put it simply and prepare your own charts? If that’s the case, you can export the preferred data to a CSV file or Google Sheets document. Or maybe you’d like it shared ina URL link? You can do that also.

How to use the panel?

send push notifications to reach app users
Unlimited access to the panel

Our interactive analytics panel is prepared in Looker Studio. Use your Gmail account to log in and take full advantage of Google’s advanced analytical tool.

send push notifications to reach app users
Tailor-made panel for your needs

Tell us which data you need, and how you need them presented and monitored. Next, we will prepare the panel following your guidelines. We’re flexible and aim to fully respond to your preferences.

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Web and mobile push campaigns - mass and targeted
Automation scenarios
Subscriptions and unsubscribe rates for web push

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