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Advanced customization of push notifications.

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What are 1-to-1 push notifications?

1-to-1 push notifications allow for building in-depth communication with individual subscribers. Connecting data from the subscriber database with CustomerID enables:

  • Building transactional communication for purchases and subscriptions.

  • Personalized recommendations within upsell and cross-sell communication.

  • Real-time communication on the response to users' actions.

Enrich user experiences on the website and in the application through direct, personalized web and mobile push communication.

Improve the relevance of push notifications
with the 1-to-1 push communication
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Why you should send transactional push notifications with PushPushGo:
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How does it work?

1. Link your business's customer data to the Subscriber ID in PushPushGo service 2. Create your own logic for combining information and sending automatic push notifications 3. Build communication based on tailored scenarios

Examples of 1-to-1 push notifications in various industries

web push notification ecommerce order confirmation
ecommerce example push notification
web push notification ecommerce loyalty
web push notification ecommerce loyalty
web push notification ecommerce loyalty


  • Order confirmation. Send notifications containing transaction details immediately after the client completes a purchase. This assures customers that their order has been received and is being processed.

  • Delivery updates. Keep customers informed about the progress of their delivery, including real-time updates and estimated delivery times. This enhances the overall customer experience and manages expectations.

  • Personalized offers. Utilize push notifications to create customized offers for regular customers based on their previous orders. Personalization adds value and encourages repeat purchases.

  • Request for evaluation. Send push notifications prompting customers to rate the products and services they've purchased. This feedback loop not only engages customers but also provides valuable insights for improvement.

  • Save abandoned shopping carts. Implement personalized push notifications to re-engage users who have abandoned their shopping carts. Offering incentives or reminders can entice them to complete their purchase.

  • Back-in-stock alerts. Inform subscribers about the availability status of products they have shown interest in. Notify them when products are back in stock or are about to be sold out, creating a sense of urgency.


  • Booking confirmations. Instantly send information with details of made and confirmed travel and check-in reservations.

  • Travel status updates. Travelers expect up-to-date information about possible delays, itinerary changes and other factors affecting their trip.

  • Travel reminders. Contact customers before their departure date to remind them of their reservation, trip details, or important aspects related to their stay.

  • Ask for feedback. After the trip is completed, send a request to the customer to rate their experience and provide feedback.

transactional push notifications travel
transactional push notifications travel
transactional push notifications travel
web push notification finance
finance transactional push notifications
finance transactional push notifications
finance push notifications

Finance and banking

  • Transaction confirmations. Send confirmations and details of completed operations.

  • Account status. Ensure that customers stay updated on their financial status by sending them push notifications with current settlements.

  • Credit card usage updates. Immediately inform customers about the use of their debit or credit cards to minimize cases of misuse.

  • Pending payment information. Assist customers in managing their finances by sending them reminders about bills.

Food delivery

  • Order confirmations. Use push notifications to confirm placed orders and communicate delivery details.

  • Delivery tracking. Nothing whets your appetite like notifications about delivery status and expected delivery time.

  • Personalized recommendations. Suggest orders by recommending products based on previous purchases.

  • Ask for customer opinion. Use push notifications to ask for feedback.

food delivery push notifications
transactional push notification food delivery
push notifications food delivery transactions
transactional push notifications
transactional push notification delivery
telecommunications push notifications
telecom push notifications
transactional push notifications
transactional push notifications telecom
telecom transactional push notifications
push notifications transactions


  • Tariff plan information. Send push notifications related to customer's tariff plan activation or changes.

  • Data usage alerts. Help your customer stay on top of their mobile data limit. Send push notifications when designated usage thresholds are exceeded.

  • Billing reminders. Push notifications sent before the subscription fee is due will help keep payments on track.

  • Send personalized offers. Offer new options based on a customer's existing tariff plans.

Flexible API: the key to transactional push notifications

The PushPushGo API offers a wide range of functionalities that allow for better utilization of the subscriber base in conjunction with CustomerID. This enables the creation of in-depth personalization and facilitates communication with the customer through push notifications - both for transactional and marketing purposes.

Our API enables advanced communication and more precise personalization of push notifications.

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Transactional push notifications - FAQ

What is the difference between transactional push notifications and marketing ones? arrow icon

Transactional push notifications differ from marketing ones mainly in terms of their purpose and the context of their delivery:


Transactional push notifications are generated in response to specific user actions or events. Their goal is to provide relevant information related to a specific transaction, such as order confirmation, delivery status, or other significant notifications.
Marketing push notifications are used to promote products, offers, or marketing campaigns. Their goal is to encourage users to take actions such as making purchases, subscribing, or participating in promotions.

Timing of Delivery

Transactional push notifications are sent immediately or shortly after a specific transaction or event occurs, making them more closely tied to the user's current interactions.
Marketing push notifications can be sent at any time, typically planned as part of a marketing strategy, and are more flexible in terms of the timing of delivery.


Transactional push notifications are usually more focused on delivering specific information related to the transaction.
Marketing push notifications may be more targeted to a broad audience and often include elements of personalization related to the preferences of a particular audience segment.

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Why is it worth using transactional push notifications from PushPushGo? arrow icon

Communication 1 to 1 with a specific user

Thanks to transactional push notifications, you can directly communicate with a specific user. This enables the delivery of personalized and targeted messages tailored to the individual preferences and behaviors of the recipient.

Implementing custom automated scenarios

PushPushGo allows customization of transactional push notifications by implementing your own automated scenarios. This means you can tailor communication to the unique needs and situations of your business. Automation based on data from the customer system allows for effective personalization of communication.

The ability to implement ideas that are impossible to achieve with ordinary automation scenarios

Transactional push notifications from PushPushGo open the door to creativity and innovation. With them, you can implement ideas and strategies that go beyond standard automation scenarios. This provides greater freedom in designing campaigns that are more individualized and focused on the unique needs of your target audience.

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