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Looking for new ways to communicate
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Do you want to send short alerts directly
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Do you need a simple tool
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Send web push with PushPushGo

Try web push notifications by PushPushGo

Reach your web push subscribers in seconds on the user's desktop or mobile screen.
  • Send web push mass and targeted campaigns - depending on your needs
  • Create personalized web push messages in automation scenarios to react directly to users' needs and actions
  • Build your cross-channel communication, combining web push or browser notifications and mobile push in one simple tool
  • Send your push campaigns in seconds, using Rocket Push 
  • Get help from our push communication experts 
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Real stories, real results

In four years of using the tool, we have not had a situation with any technical problems, which is extremely rare in this field. We estimate that without notifications of this type, our sales would have dropped from 5% to as much as 8%.

Access our case study with Mi-Home

Tymoteusz Wiśniowski Project Owner @ Mi-Home
pushpushgo client send notifications

I believe that the push channel is excellent for quick communication and promotion of new products and campaigns. We saw the first results and improvements after two weeks of use.

Access our case study with Pevex

Vjekoslav Vnučec Performance Specialist @ PEVEX d.d.
pushpushgo client send notifications

[After the implementation of web push notifications] our base started to grow fairly quickly and also our results were seen almost instantly. Our most affected KPI is Site traffic.

We would recommend PushPushGo as a service for push notifications. The platform itself is easy to use, it supports many different options and services. We especially love the analytics part and the A/B test part of the platform.

Access our case study with A1 Slovenia.

Katarina Keše Product Manager @ A1 Slovenija
pushpushgo client send notifications

Web push notifications are an important channel for reaching our readers. Sending notifications is simple, fast, and suitable for breaking news situations, as well as promoting the most important stories of the day. ...push notifications almost instantly result in a significant uptick in clicks on pushed articles.

Access our case study with Dnevnik

Aljaž Potočnik Journalist @ Dnevnik d. d.
pushpushgo client send notifications

Web push is a must these days. Especially if the media doesn't have an app. But even if you have one, this alternative provides better monetization solutions. There is no development needed and a team of PushPushGo is always on hand.

Access our case study with Žurnal24

Matej Košir Executive director, EIC & CTO @ Styria Media
pushpushgo client send notifications

In terms of reach audience, web push notifications are basically unbeatable.

Access our case study with InPost

Paweł Halicki Senior SEO Specialist @ InPost
pushpushgo client send notifications

Is web push for you?

  • Web push notifications help build loyalty and increase user engagement in different kinds of online business, from e-commerce to web publishing
  • Notifications are crucial for fast and direct communication with your users
  • Push communication is easy to implement and develop - no matter your team's size
send and receive web push notifications

Start testing now - send web push notifications

You don’t need an IT team to do it

notification strategy

opt in forms

Grow a database of loyal subscribers. Choose an opt-in subscription form that best suits your needs. In PushPushGo you have a variety of forms to choose from and configure. We offer you full flexibility to make the web push experience work best for you and your users. Choose where, when, and how to invite new subscribers.

One-click default subscription form or browser prompt arrow icon

Simplify the process of gathering subscribers using the default, one-click web push subscription form. This streamlined method requires a single click to sign up, accelerating your subscriber acquisition process.

Customized subscription form arrow icon

Harness complete control over your web push sign-up form with our customization options to add a new prompt for your subscription process. Tailor every aspect to match your brand's identity – from vibrant colors and engaging text to seamlessly integrating your logo and crafting compelling call-to-action buttons.

On-site bell widget arrow icon

The bell widget showcased on a website serves as a swift and discreet reminder, keeping visitors informed about push subscriptions. It seamlessly complements other subscription forms, maintaining its constant visibility and allowing interaction at any time, even if the subscription form has already been closed.

Toggle switch form  arrow icon

Switch button and sign-up prompt can be strategically positioned across pages and sections, effortlessly aligning with other subscription forms. This unobtrusive sign-up approach enables visitors to explore your content before subscribing to your web push messages. 

opt in process browser prompt opt in process web push notifications
web push notifications explained

Segmentation of web push subscribers

In the PushPushGo application, you can easily segment your audience based on various parameters, such as their interests, behaviors, or geolocation. 
Make sure your campaigns resonate with your subscribers on a more individual level. This way of targeting users helps to enhance engagement and boost conversions through meaningful communication. 

Starting up with
web push

Configuration options galore

Our app offers a range of configuration settings to ensure smooth sailing. You want your web push to disappear when it's no longer important? Set an expiration date. You need your notification to stay visible on a device? Use the Require Interaction option. You prefer to control the number of web push your subscriber gets? Try daily capping.

Instant urgent updates

For time-sensitive news, our Rocket Push feature has you covered. It automatically generates notification content from page metadata. All you need to do is paste the link. You can also use the Chrome extension to speed up the process even more.

Effortless campaign management, enhanced user experience

With PushPushGo, sending web push campaigns is a breeze. In our application, you'll find all available options for sending, customizing, and measuring your web push needs. Every tool you might need is available at a click, with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive UX.

Reliability and speed guaranteed

PushPushGo push notification service boasts a 99.99% application throughput and high reliability. We deliver your web push notifications at the speed of light.

Sending web push step by step

send notifications

Write a short title and message body 

web push service

Add a big image to make a push look more interesting

receive web push notifications

Choose the subscriber group - everybody or a selected group

web push notifications work

Set up action buttons, expire date, and other add-ons

And you’re ready to go!

Contact our team to get a demo

Use automation scenarios

To enrich your communication based on subscriber’s
actions on your website

Remind them about unfinished shopping 

Invite them to come back after a period of absence

Show them offers that they browsed before

Send personalized alerts about your offer

Use automation scenarios

To enrich your communication based
on subscriber’s actions on your website

Remind them about unfinished shopping 

Find out more

Boost retention by showing them offers or content from the categories that they browsed before

Find out more

Increase sales by enabling cross-selling and up-selling automation scenarios

Find out more

Boost your conversion rate by providing updates on restocked products, enticing hot deals, distributing promo codes, and much more.

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Enchance lead nurturing by responding to lead actions on the site and moving the lead further along the sales funnel.

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pushpushgo web push analytics

Insightful analytics at your disposal

Measuring the performance of your push campaigns, automation processes, and subscriber interactions becomes effortless in the PushPushGo app. With UTM parameters in your push notification campaigns, you gain precise insight into user behaviors. You can directly monitor essential metrics, like conversion rates and overall engagement within Google Analytics. Collect data to improve click through rates and reach your marketing goals more effectively.

Web push notifications - Frequently Asked Questions

Does web push use cookies? arrow icon

PushPushGo stores your subscribers’ data in data storage and doesn’t track them with third-party cookies. 

Are web push notifications GDPR-compliant? arrow icon

Yes, our web push services work in accordance with GDPR. For more information read our policy.

How the web push implementation process looks like? arrow icon

The implementation process is very easy - paste our code to your website and, in case of integration with own domain, place the service worker on the server root path. The process doesn’t require any involvement from the IT team and should take you no more than 10 minutes. If you have any problems, our team is here to help you.

How can I test push notifications? arrow icon

Register for our service to get a free trial period to build your subscriber base and start communication with them via web push. 

How effective are web push notifications? arrow icon

The basic metric for measuring push notifications’ effectiveness is click-through-rate (CTR) showing the percentage of of clicked messages. The CTR for mass campaigns is 1.95%, targeted: 3.01%, and automation: 6.14%. You can see our clients’ case studies to find out what those numbers mean in practice.

How web push differs from mobile push? arrow icon

Web push notifications are sent by websites to PCs and mobile devices. Mobile push is sent by mobile applications.

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