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smoother web push subscription

We are introducing a new subscription method using a switch button or toggle switch in the PushPushGo tool. This method allows for smoother and less intrusive encouragement to subscribe to web push notifications, improving the process of building your subscriber base.

How does the toggle switch work?

So far, we have offered two methods for displaying the web push subscription form. PushPushGo clients could choose between a simple system form or a two-step option with a customizable message and elements and a default system form. Now, we have introduced another option - a switch button placed on the website.

web-push-switcherWhat are the benefits of the new solution?

  • The switch button, along with the invitation to sign up, can be placed anywhere on the site, on various sub-pages, combining it with other subscription forms.
  • The non-invasive form to signup allows website visitors to review the content of the page before making a decision.
  • Unlike pop-up signup form, the toggle switch does not disappear from the page - this means that the user has time to think about it and can express their desire to subscribe at any time.

What could the user journey of subscription to push notifications look like then?

An example of how the toggle switch can be used

The user visits a news portal website to read an article that caught their interest. After a few paragraphs or right after the lead, they come across a toggle switch prompting them to subscribe to notifications to be up to date with new content on the site. Upon clicking the button, a default browser-based subscription form appears, where the user confirms their decision to subscribe.


The toggle switch will also work effectively in online stores. Placing it near the product image or within its description will allow potential customers to give their consent for notifications. As a result, they will start receiving push notifications regarding the latest promotions and offers in the store.

Utilizing targeting and automation tools can further enhance the value of notifications. It enables reaching subscribers with offers for products similar to the ones they have shown interest in or with article recommendations. Personalizing communication and adapting to individual needs will be an additional advantage in efforts to increase retention and sales.

Who is the toggle switch designed for?

The new solution is suitable for various projects, regardless of the industry. In May 2023, we plan to introduce this type of solution to the first interested customers in the Enterprise sector. In the long run, this solution will be available to all users of the PushPushGo app.

If you are interested in our developed solution, please contact us at hello@pushpushgo or reach your Account Manager.

Aleksandra Kozioł

Aleksandra Kozioł

Content Specialist @PushPushGo

Editor and writer. She is interested in media and new technologies. 

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