Terms of presenting content and opinions on the site

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Effective date - 21.11.2023

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Transparent and honest communication with you is our priority! We kindly ask you to read the documents prepared for you. They include the rules for the presentation of content on this website and the verification criteria we follow when presenting customer reviews on our website.


By default, we present a list of content that meets the parameters you indicate in the search engine.

We strive to match the content on our site as closely as possible to the needs of the site's users and our clients. In this way, we want to save you time-consuming searches.

The principles we follow when selecting content for the site:

  • The default sorting of content seen on the site reflects the most searched and popular content on the site, or which content matches your search results.

  • The content presented to a site user is influenced by the behavior of other similar users, the subject of the user's search, and matching search results to the query.


On our site, you can read customer reviews of our products and/or services.

We know that reviews are important to you, and we do our best to ensure that they are based on the actual feelings of our customers and those with whom we work.

The reviews presented on the site are verified by us and come only from people who have worked with us or used our products. You will not find reviews for our products and/or services created by or for us on our site.

How do we verify an opinion? For example, we contact the person who gave the opinion, thank them for the opinion, and ask their permission to publish it. If we are unable to verify the entity that issued the opinion, we do not post it on the site.

On the site, we present selected opinions that best reflect the principles of cooperation and give you the most information to decide whether to purchase a product or cooperate with us.

We do not practice getting opinions of a sponsored or barter nature.

If in doubt, you can always contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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