How to balance personalized experiences and effective monetization in publishing

October 20, 2022 3 PM CEST 56 min

About this event

Are you in the digital publishing industry? Are you looking for new ways to improve reader engagement and increase revenue?

During our workshop, you will learn: 

  • 🚀 Yieldbird's most successful ads monetization strategies based on hundreds of optimized websites.

  • 💯 Why web core vitals are important for publishers and what are the most common publishers' mistakes that hurt core web vitals & user experience and how to avoid them?

  • 📉 How poor programmatic set up can affect your core web vitals?

  • 💖 How digital publishers can personalize the user experience (with market examples)?

  • 💎 How you can use push notifications to drive engagement and revenue?

  • 📈 What push notification strategies are effective the most for digital news portals?

  • 💰 How to generate additional revenue from programmatic mobile ads?

This workshop is tailored for:

  • marketing and ad specialists,

  • revenue & monetization experts,

  • operation managers and technical specialists...

  • and everyone else involved with the digital publishing industry.


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