Social listening - how your marketing team can shape and increase retention

October 27, 2022 2 PM CET 45 min

About this event

Marketing and communications teams aim to connect with their audience and reach those who benefit most from the products and services. To be successful in realizing these goals, teams can largely benefit from a social listening tool by adjusting messages and strategies based on the insight it gives them.

There are thousands of brands competing for the attention of clients, and it’s difficult to stand out unless you can position yourself using the extra knowledge that social listening and automatic text analysis provide.

We lift the veil on how this solution makes your work more efficient, how it grants much more value to clients than you could ever do with manual search and analysis and how to make data-driven decisions for your brand based on the received information.

During our webinar, we:

  • explore different areas of campaign analysis (through real campaign examples),

  • see examples of successful crisis communication (featuring a story about Wirecard),

  • learn about API integration,

  • discuss the tools for competitor monitoring.

Key topics of the presentation:

  • What are the competitive advantages of using a social listening tool and automated text analysis?

  • How does social listening help prove the ROI of marketing campaigns?

  • How can enterprises use social listening to develop their own businesses and optimize their costs?


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About organizers

Neticle is a cutting-edge company specializing in AI-powered text analysis and social listening. They empower businesses to extract actionable insights from online content, helping with brand management, market research, and customer understanding. Neticle's advanced technology transforms unstructured data into valuable knowledge, enabling informed decisions and effective strategies.

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