Storytelling tips & tricks to create awesome product descriptions

May 28, 2019 11 AM CEST 47 min

About this event

You go to a restaurant and you order a soup. You picked this particular restaurant because you've read a raving review of the soup. Or a friend of yours recommended it. What made you buy? A story. Want to find out how to create awesome product descriptions? Check out this video recording from our webinar held by Paul Skah, author of three best-selling books, owner of MIDEA branding agency and Marketing Person of the Year!

During the presentation you will:

  • find out how to use stories to increase the perceived value of your products and services,

  • learn techniques like “natural snobbism” or “magical thinking”,

  • get some real-world examples of how you fell prey to those techniques,

  • learn the psychology behind stories that drive value (and price).

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