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pushpushgo new dashboard

A newly introduced dashboard in the PushPushGo panel allows you to track and analyze the results of your push campaigns and automation scenarios, and also compare the projects throughout your organization. You'll also learn more about your subscribers, their preferences, and patterns when interacting with push notifications. Let's take a look!

The more you know

While designing the dashboard, we considered the most important metrics of web and mobile push campaigns.

In the panel, you can see:

  • Which days are the best for sending campaigns - compare the results from different days of the week in 3 months period
  • Find out where your subscribers come from - apart from the location on the map, you can pinpoint the most popular browsers, devices, and operating systems
  • Which words and phrases attract the attention of your subscribers
  • And much more!

PushPushGo dashboard

Subscribers on the dashboard

The people you interact with are the crucial part of any e-marketing strategy. That's why it's crucial to know them and understand how they come in contact with push notifications. That's why in this section, you'll find information on:

  • number of subscribers
  • their devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • rate of subscribing and unsubscribing over a selected time

But that's not all. You can see the geographical location of your subscribers - which is important if you work internationally and would like to address the problem of time zones.

We've also prepared a subpage on subscribers' lifetime. It's a chart similar to the population pyramid. It shows the time that passed from the moment of the user’s subscription.

PushPushGo dashboard

Analyze your campaigns

If you seek more information on your campaigns and their results, head to the Campaigns section. This part of the dashboard contains all the information you need about your campaigns. You can switch the data to view all of them: mass targeted and based on geolocation.

What exactly can you find in this section?

  • Number of campaigns
  • CTR
  • Number of clicked, delivered, and sent notifications

Other useful statistics show sending hours and subscribers' activity. It can be useful if you want to see when the campaigns were sent and compare it to the time when they were clicked on by users. It may help to set up expire time of notifications.

We also introduced a Content analysis - a list of words used in titles and content of your push notifications sorted by their CTR. We excluded articles, conjunctions, and pronouns for clarity.

PushPushGo dashboard

Automation in numbers

Automation scenarios also deserve a good analysis. We prepared the most important statistics about campaigns sent in automation scenarios. It starts with the most basic information about the number of automations with at least one campaign set up. Apart from that, the dashboard displays the same information you can find in the Campaigns section: CTR, clicked, delivered, statistics and DSP.

Below, you'll find Automation Rank: a list of the top three automation scenarios with at least one campaign. You can switch between sorting by the number of clicks and CTR.

Project comparison

In this section, you'll find a summary of the most important statistics of your push notification activities across different projects in your organization.

  • Subscribers
  • Subscribed
  • Number of campaigns
  • Clicked
  • Campaign CTR
  • Automation CTR

The data is presented in the form of graphs and charts or lists.It’s an easy and comprehensible way to compare and contrast performances of different projects you conduct. 

PushPushGo dashboard

Push the statistics forward

Information is power - that's why we strive to give you all important data in a simple, comprehensive, and accurate form. This way, you can improve and expand your push notifications strategy.

If tou want to learn more, contact our team at

Aleksandra Kozioł

Aleksandra Kozioł

Content Specialist @PushPushGo

Editor and writer. She is interested in media and new technologies. 

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