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Meet the winners! Push Notification Marketing Award 2023

Last updated - June 11 2024 12:55 PM
Olha Lypnytska
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Web push

Meet the winners! Push Notification Marketing Award 2023

Last updated - June 11, 2024
Olha Lypnytska
2 min Read

We are excited to unveil the winners of the Push Notification Marketing Award 2023! This award recognizes outstanding achievements in push notification marketing across various sectors, including e-commerce, digital publishing, travel, finance, and telecom. We have closely monitored and analyzed the effectiveness of push communication strategies among our clients, seeking out those who have truly excelled.

Details about the categories, the criteria we used to analyze the companies, and the results of the winners can be found in our comprehensive report.


Join us in celebrating the top performers in push notification marketing in 2023. Meet the winners!

E-commerce industry

Best Performance 

ecommerce web push notifications best performance

Top-5 web push campaigns

ecommerce best web push campaigns

Top-5 web push automation scenarios

ecommerce best web push automation

Rising Stars

ecommerce web push awards rising starts

Digital Publishing

Best Performance

digital publishing web push best performance

Top-5 web push campaigns

digital publishing best web push campaigns

Rising Stars

digital publishing rising stars web push notification award

Other industries

Outstanding results


web push marketing award telecom


web push marketing award travel


finance web push notification award

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