Web push

One tool, but many possibilities. Learn about PushPushGo's key USPs.

Last updated - November 22 2023 2:35 PM
Anastasiia Hromyk
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Web push

One tool, but many possibilities. Learn about PushPushGo's key USPs.

Last updated - November 22, 2023
Anastasiia Hromyk
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Table of Contents:

USP PushPushGO
USP for publishers
USP for e-commerce
USP for travel agencies
USP for Telecommunications
USP for the financial industry

Let's start by explaining what is a USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) - it is an element of our proposal that distinguishes us from the competition. When selling any product, we have to think carefully and choose an element that will show our product from a completely different angle, which will attract the attention of recipients and, moreover, will persuade them to buy. 

Nowadays, it is difficult to find an industry in which there is no competition. When choosing a tool, e.g. for email marketing, don't you check 2-3 suppliers at once? Well, this and the decision to buy is primarily influenced by the offer, which differs from the others: functionality, additional elements as in the case of Marketing Automation suppliers, price, etc. 

Haven't you come across a variety of choices when choosing a push notification provider? PushPushGo, OneSignal, PushEngage, Indigitall, and SalesManago would certainly be among them. What makes PushPushGo stand out? This is the question I would like to answer.

But before I list the answers…

It is wrong to think that web pushes are only suitable for e-commerce. Some manufacturers of push notifications focus only on online stores. Why? Because eCommerce websites can obtain good push results, that will satisfy the client, much faster and easier than other industries...

In this article, however, I would like to show that PushPushGo is an application not only for the e-commerce industry, but also for the publishing, tourism, financial, and telecommunications industries.

publishing, tourism, financial, and telecommunications industries

USP PushPushGo: 

Our primary and most important USP is our Customer Service. We do not only offer a tool - and then "take care of it yourself", we are participating in every step of setup and usage with our client. We approach them in an individual way and assure customer success and satisfaction.

Each client receives an action strategy from us and, in consultation with us, selects the automation scenarios that he wants to implement. The very process of implementation and commissioning is on our side.

It is enough to create short notifications, which takes very little time. The customer does not bear any additional costs related to Customer Service; he gets an Account Manager who keeps his finger on the project pulse: implements, checks, monitors, and recommends.

USP for publishers: 

We know that website traffic is the most important thing in the publishing industry. To achieve it, you need to be the first to provide information and news, so the time of info delivery is the most important goal. That is why we have created a dedicated solution for publishers - Rocket Push. You probably ask yourself what it is, what is it for?  In other words, Rocket Push is another form of sending express push messages, through an instant mass campaign.

Let's imagine a situation - you have 2 minutes to send breaking news. Thanks to Rocket Push, you don't have to worry - just paste the link to your article; the photo, title, and text of the notification will be automatically uploaded, and you can send it with one click. Thanks to this, you will be the first to reach the recipient with a given message or breaking news.

Now imagine that you are using another tool that doesn't have a solution similar to Rocket Push. You are late with your news delivery and your competitors are sending the same breaking news first. Will the recipient of such a late push message come to your website to read the same thing? Probably not. The publishing industry players are most concerned about their website traffic because the bigger it is, the more advertisers are interested in buying advertising space on the web page. 

If you are interested in more about the subject of Rocket Push, you can read about it in this article

USP for e-commerce: 

Automation scenarios are definitely our strength in encouraging people to buy. We primarily distinguish automations such as saving an abandoned cart and recently viewed product. Thanks to the integration with the product catalog, the so-called Product Feed, we are able to collect all the information about the offered products. This information in turn allows us to implement highly personalized remarketing campaigns.

Imagine that your customer enters the website, views certain products, but adds nothing to the cart, and leaves after a while. If your web site is integrated with PPG, the system knows what your client is interested in because the application allows you to tag recipients according to their behavior. We can do this in three ways: 

  • manually, in the recipient table, 

  • automatically, using tagging selectors, 

  • automatically with the Tag step in the automation module 

Learn more about tagging

After the configuration of the Last Viewed Product scenario and integration with the Product Feed, the user will receive personalized information after an hour, 5 minutes, or the next day. The web push notification will include the recently viewed product with a photo, price, and link to the product page. The subscriber will be able to check whether a given product is on sale or not, or we can offer him an alternative or complementary product. It is worth remembering that the web pushes show up regardless of whether your subscriber is on your or your competitor's website. Moreover, the average CTR of an eCommerce campaign is 9.78%.

CTR of an eCommerce campaign

USP for travel agencies:

According to Think With Google in the United States, up to 37% of travelers think about planning a vacation once a month - they check deals, compare travel agencies, read reviews. Our app allows you to read the dates, time-slots that a particular user is looking for. 

travel marketing

If a travel agency integrates our app with an XML file, we will be able to send a notification with content such as: "Hey, You are planning a winter trip on January 7, see the most attractive offers" and then after a week the subscriber can automatically receive another notification: "Hey, you recently searched for accommodation in Zakopane, see what other offers in this location." 

Apart from that, it is also possible to read information whether a given client has booked a trip and a week before the trip he will automatically receive a notification saying "In a week, your trip, see what attractions are in your location!". 

By knowing the date of the planned trip, we are able to create various automation scenarios - which not only helps to increase sales but also builds the image of your travel agency. As a result, the customer will be more loyal to you and will choose your offers again next time.

USP for the telecommunications industry:

For the telecom industry, the best scenarios are cross-selling and up-selling scenarios. By integrating with our application and uploading an XML file, we are able to analyze customer preferences and - depending on the type of customer, the service they have chosen - we can offer them products via web push notifications. 

On the other hand, if your customer checked the "How to change operator" tab, if you issue us with data through DataLayer about the subscriber (whether he has an account or not), we are able to locate the subscriber and get him to contact the operator again "Hey! Listen, do you want to change your carrier? Why?".  

USP for the telecommunications industry

USP for the financial industry

Web pushes do not collect any "sensitive" data about users - we do not use cookies, we do not collect personal data, we are 100% compliant with GDPR. 

When a user agrees to receive notifications, the platform gives them a unique ID, which can be used to identify them later, and as a result - assign them to the appropriate group. However, this is not what differentiates us from the competition, but our segmentation, which is part of marketing automation campaigns. 

Thanks to our script on your website we will be able to collect information about your client's preferences: is he interested in a deposit? Or maybe he wants to order a card? Or open an account as a private person or as a company? Thanks to the segmentation, we are able to personalize the offer so that your notification is not considered SPAM. 

A few words at the very end...

I hope that after reading this article you have no doubt that web pushes are the perfect channel to communicate with your audience in any industry. PushPushGo is a confirmation of that. One tool, and how many possibilities. 

To be sure, however, let me summarize this topic as a whole.

In this article, I focused on the most important and liked by our customer’s functionalities - on the USP of PushPushGO, such as:

  • automation scenarios;

  • segmentation;

  • Rocket Push;

  • Customer Service. 

Personally, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a web push notification vendor in the market that not only offers a tool that caters to your sales as well as marketing needs but also gives you great support. 

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