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Nowadays, news happen very fast: what is popular today is already an old story tomorrow. Since knowledge is time-sensitive, our IT team introduced a new feature in PushPushGo App - Rocket Push. It allows you to prepare and send a web push campaign, literally, in 20 seconds.

How does Rocket Push work?

Wondering how is it even possible? Check out key characteristics that make Rocket Push so effective:

  • Easy access from the Dashboard main panel.

  • 5 seconds to prepare: just insert the link with your Breaking News and content is filled out automatically.

  • If necessary, you can edit the Title, Message or change the Notification icon.

  • Mark “Require interaction” if you don’t want subscribers missing your news.

  • Set an Expire Date. Breaking news is short-lived. Thus, the maximum validity period of Rocket Push is 4 days.

  • One mouse button click and Rocket Push Campaign is sent out to your whole database.

You still have doubts whether it works? Check out the video to see how I prepared and sent Rocket Push Campaign just in 19 seconds.

Ready to test? Send the campaign

Olha Lypnytska

Olha Lypnytska

Growth Marketing Manager @PushPushGo

Passionate about advertising, digital technologies and marketing itself. Life motto: "Growth starts out of the comfort zone".

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