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Top 8 Latest Software Testing Trends

Last updated - November 9 2023 10:39 AM
Daniel M. - TestProject
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Top 8 Latest Software Testing Trends

Last updated - November 9, 2023
Daniel M. - TestProject
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Technology is constantly advancing, and the world of software testing and development is in search of new ways to include evolving technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

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Every test automation platform is trying to transform in the best possible way to efficiently support QA test automation development activities. Therefore, while updating your knowledge in the software testing domain, it is also essential to understand the top trends in the software automation testing domain. Here is the list of the latest software testing trends that are now in play, and important to consider:

1. Testing in DevOps

In today’s world, software testing is as important as software development. Both of them are directly connected to each other. The development team of software requires excellent communication with the testing teams. Several powerful DevOps tools are available in the market, and these tools can be easily integrated with many software development IDEs and test automation platforms to help drive software projects to success. 

Organizations have now recognized the importance of DevOps as the key response to the demand for efficient speed. DevOps include processes, tools, rules, and practices that help in the integration of operational activities and developments. 

2. Big data testing

Big data plays a vital role for large businesses and great focus has been placed on the segmentation and optimization of decision-making processes of the data. Big data testing is expected to gradually grow in the current data-oriented industry.

The big data testing approach and applications have been widely adopted due to the increase in huge volumes of digital data being generated worldwide.  

3. The constant rise of Agile

The major reason for businesses adapting agile methodologies within their developmental cycle is that when Agile methodologies and principles are properly applied, it can help increase the product quality, raise delivery speed, enables focus on business and users, provide better project visibility in the market, etc. It has been found that the Agile way of working is helpful in raising the morale of the team and aligning the IT teams and businesses in a better way. 

4. IoT testing


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Research by IDC confirms that ‘Worldwide IoT Spending Guide’ projects that IoT spending is growing 8.2%  by the year, reaching $742 billion in 2020. When taking this huge figure into consideration, we can be sure that IoT testing too is expected to grow at a spectacular rate.  

The number of connected devices has also risen and it means that more data and testing environments are available that require automated testing tools for testing IoT devices. Many organizations are focusing on incorporating the refining of protocols for communication in the IoT testing strategy for encompassing the new testing environments. 

5. Test automation tools enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning

It is no surprise that the list of the latest software trends also includes machine learning and artificial intelligence. The industry of artificial intelligence is constantly increasing every year. Research forecasts that the AI market may reach $190.6 billion by the year 2025, confirming the fact that IT organizations have already started transitioning to AI and machine learning. 

The reliability of machine learning and artificial intelligence will increase with it. This past year has seen the practical implementation of such technologies among the automated testing trends. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have helped in the generation of better test scripts and test cases along with process reports and data. 

6. Performance engineering and performance testing

The only software that provides the most desired experience will be successful in this digital marketplace. To come up with the most reliable and commercially practical software in the market, the 2020 testing method evolves beyond product performance verification with the evaluation of factors such as consumer value, configuration quality, convenience, and software practicality. 

We expect to see performance testing of software advancing to performance engineering practices as the evaluation of customer experience takes place, not only in the testing phase but throughout the entire developmental cycle.

7. Testing of user experience

Whether it is a novice user or a software expert, successful software must have an easy to use interface for all users. As the expansion of the digital experience is on the rise, it is easy to predict that automated testing will be on the rise over the next few years. 

User experience testing has been one of the most commonplace in web development and it’s expected to play the most important role in software development. The objective is to create the most intuitive, yet simple, user experience along with the achievement of customer loyalty to the brand. 

8. Testing of digital technologies

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The use of digital technology including mobile phones, social media, and cloud applications is reshaping the user experience, digital space, and the expectations of the digital market. In the indefinite industry of digital technology, software testing must be more highly flexible than before. 

Companies find it highly problematic to launch software that is not tested thoroughly through automated testing tools. The digital technologies testing will earn significant importance in the next year as companies will not test for today’s expectation of the software but will test for its future integrations, features, and developmental capabilities. 

Final Words

The basic theme overlying these software testing trends is simply the need for strong testing tools that support the advancement of software. However, it is important to accelerate product testing through automation testing tools providers without compromising its quality and security. 

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Daniel M. - TestProject

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