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5+5 hacks for writing web push notification copy that converts

Last updated - November 22 2023 1:15 PM
Katarzyna Kwartnik
Reading time - 6 min
Web push

5+5 hacks for writing web push notification copy that converts

Last updated - November 22, 2023
Katarzyna Kwartnik
6 min Read

Web push notifications, being a form of a message, use the power of words

The power, however, is limited to around 150 characters (depending on the type of browser). 

That’s why creating a perfect notification requires copywriting knowledge. What rules do you need to follow to write a perfect copy for the web push? How can you make the most of browser notifications? 

Read on :) 

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Let me start with general copywriting rules that appeal to web push notifications

1. You don’t matter. The product doesn’t matter. What matters is the reader. 

Copywriting's main role is to convince a target group that a product/service/tool is able to fulfill its needs. I know it may seem harsh, but before writing any copy you need to realize that when it comes to marketing or sales, no one cares about your Shakespearean skills

You know what else no one wants? Talking about the product, product and product. 

Remember that you shouldn’t simply communicate the advantages of the things or services you sell, no matter how great it is. What you should do is to focus on your reader (subscriber) and talk about the benefits it will bring or problems it will solve.   

That brings us to… 

2. WIFM 

Have you ever heard an abbreviation WIIFM? It stands for “What’s in it for me?” and perfectly applies to copywriting.

Always think about your reader, who doesn’t care about you and your product. What he cares about is his needs or whims, and that’s ok. 

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Also, mind the language — most of any copy should be written using “you” because that person matters the most. 

3. KISS 

Keep it simple, stupid. 

I know that the temptation is huge, but don’t use sophisticated words. Try simple constructions that will inform your reader what’s in it for him and encourage him to take an action. 

Remember that in most cases the less effort you reader must put in understanding the copy, the better. 

4. and SLAP

Stop. Look (or listen). Act. Purchase. 

This is what your copy should cause your readers to do. 

Let me present the tactic using a web push notification example:

A potential client sees a message that catches his eye. 

He reads it.

Seduced by great copy, he goes to your website.

He converts

5. Read and delete

No copy is immediately perfect. And even if it is, make sure it’s more perfect.  

Always read what you have written. I guarantee that you will find mistakes or words that simply aren’t necessary. Don’t hesitate to delete them. Keep it short and simple, remember?

But also know when to stop making corrections and send your copy out into the world.  


Now we focus on web push notification characteristics 

As you have just seen, most copywriting rules can be expressed in very short abbreviations. The shortness is what you should keep in mind, especially when creating a browser notification copy.

1. Focus on the essence of your message 

Why? Because notifications are short and your role is to encourage subscribers to move on to your website. 

How do you do it? You underline what’s really important - the value for your reader. 

Instead of writing: 

Pretty dresses are dreaming about your closet!


All dresses 10% off! 


A new collection of dresses has just arrived!
Be the first one to wear them. 

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2. Write a cool CTA

Where is the fun in “Check out” or “Learn more”? 

The typical options are good and easy, but a touch of creativity can bring better results.

Also, you need to keep in mind the rules that are listed above and don’t hesitate to immediately show the profit for your audience.

Use power words/phrases like:

  • Now

  • Extra

  • Don’t miss out

  • Running out

  • Exclusive

  • Profit

  • Fast

  • Quick, etc.

I think you get it :) 

3. Use two action buttons 

But don’t write “Yes” and “No” on them. 

Let’s assume you run a blog about money-saving. 

You have just written a new article and you are going to send a push notification promoting it.

Use two call to actions buttons to double chances that your subscribers will read it.

One can say: “Yes, I want to save more money”.

And the second: “No, thanks, I have enough money”.

The outcome is obvious. 

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4. Be instant - FOMO

If you use web push, you must take advantage of it’s biggest advantage. What is it? The ability to communicate in real-time - instantly. 


FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a common disease of our time (not really, but for the sake of good copy I will leave it that way). And web push notifications are the cure for it. 

Using them, you can inform your subscribers about breaking news, sales or discounts in the exact moment that they are happening. 

So don’t spend too much time writing genius copy. In such cases focus on communicating the message - sophisticated phrases simply won’t matter. Your subscribers want to know - now. They don’t want to read. 

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Recently in the PushPushGo app, we introduced a feature called Rocket Push, which allows you to prepare and send a campaign in less than 30 seconds. 

5. Unleash the power of personalization

74% of consumers feel frustrated when a message is not tailored to their needs.

Personalization is today a must, not only in web push copywriting but in marketing in general. I know that you have very few characters to perform word magic with but there is still a lot you can do. 

Web push notification platforms allow you to assign tags for each subscriber. You can create them based on user behavior on your site and then try out different copies with different target groups. Another way of targeting is simply asking subscribers about their preferences

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In conclusion

What makes good web push notification copy? 

  • Writing for the subscriber. Not for a product or for great copywriting’s sake. 

  • Personalization.

  • Keeping it short and the most informative as you can. 

  • Good timing.

  • Creativity. And in the end, trying out different options and constant improvement. All the rules mentioned are effective, but no one will tell you what is going to perform the best with your subscribers. The only way to find out is by listening to your audience and A/B testing.

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Katarzyna Kwartnik

Content Marketing Manager @ PushPushGo

Words enthusiast both in literature and marketing. At PushPushGo responsible for developing content strategy and writing everything that needs to be written. 

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