Privacy Policy

§ 1 Introduction

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter known as the "Policy") specifies issues related to the processing by PushPushGo LLP, based in Krakow, ul. Ostatnia 1C 31-444 Kraków entered into the National Court Register - register of entrepreneurs under number KRS 0000688693 in the District Court for Krakow Śródmieście in Krakow, 11th Commercial Department of the National Court Register, NIP number: 6751601766, REGON number: 367877285 (hereinafter referred to as "PushPushGo" ), of users’ personal data on the Service (as defined in the Regulations). Any expressions written in the Policy with a capital letter will have the meaning that was given to them in the Regulations located at

In the Privacy Policy, you will find information on how we use personal data provided to us, how we protect it and what rights and obligations you have.

§ 2 Data Administrator

The Administrator of your personal data is PushPushGo LLP, located at Ostatnia 1C 31-444 Kraków.

Your personal data is processed in a collection under the name of "Clients" and in a collection under the name "Marketing", in relation to which an application for registration has been submitted to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or anything about the protection of personal data, please write to us at the following address: or to the following postal address: PushPushGo LLP. Ostatnia 1C 31-444 Kraków.

§ 3 Legal Basis for the Processing of Personal Data

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data consists of:

  • the consent you provide
  • the need to execute contracts concluded by you with PushPushGo, as well as taking actions before concluding established contracts upon your request
  • the fulfillment of legally justified goals realized by PushPushGo or data recipients, in particular direct marketing of PushPushGo products and services, and pursuing claims related to the business activity conducted by PushPushGo.

Providing your personal data under any of the above-mentioned circumstances is voluntary. However, refusing to provide data may prevent you from using the Service.

Your consent as referred to in para. 1 is voluntary, the consent granted may be withdrawn by you at any time, and the personal data provided shall be deleted upon receipt of a request to this effect sent to PushPushGo at

§ 4 The Purpose and Scope of Personal Data Processing

The personal data provided by you will be processed for the purpose and scope resulting from the consents granted by you, necessary in connection with the conclusion and performance of the Agreement and for the direct marketing of PushPushGo's services.

In order to send you information and commercial materials as well as information and marketing materials, PushPushGo will process your email address and phone number after receiving your consent.

In order to perform the Agreement, PushPushGo will process the following data: name, surname, email address, company or brand name, business address, home address, country, time zone and phone number.

We may collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • conclusion and performance of a sales contract for our products (and therefore also for accounting purposes);
  • protection against possible claims;
  • to respond to your inquiries;
  • marketing our products (if you are a PushPushGo client, we can process data for marketing purposes within so-called legitimate interest, on the same basis we use remarketing tools based on cookies, in other cases our marketing activities are based on your consent);

§ 5 Sharing of Data

Your personal data will be made available to authorized state authorities or third parties, if such obligation will result from the generally applicable law.

Your data is also shared with the following entities:

  • PayLane LLP, located in Gdańsk at ul. Arkońsa 6/A3, 80-387, KRS: 0000227278 for the proper performance of the contract,
  • Fakturownia LLP, located in Warsaw at ul. Smulikowskiego 6/8, 00-389, KRS: 0000572426 for the proper performance of the contract.

The personal data of residents of the European Union is passed outside of the European Economic Area. However, each of our contractors is listed on the Privacy Shield list or we have signed a contract with them according to the so-called standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

§ 6 Permissions

You have the right to access and correct your personal data.

You have the right to access your personal data processed by PushPushGo. You can get a copy of our personal data at no charge. You can also get information from us about:

  • the purpose of processing your personal data,
  • the kinds of personal data that are processed,
  • with whom the personal data is shared,
  • for how long we plan to process your personal data.

In addition, at your request, PushPushGo will complete, update and correct your personal data as well as suspend (temporarily or permanently) its processing or delete if your data turns out to be incomplete, out-of-date, incorrect or has been collected in violation of the GDPR or is no longer required the purpose for which it was collected.

Furthermore, regarding the processing of your data by PushPushGo for direct marketing, you are entitled to withdraw consent to such processing or completely object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes.

In order to withdraw your consent to receive commercial information via e-mail and use the rights referred to in this paragraph, please submit a request to this effect to the following e-mail address:

§ 7 Rules of Personal Data Protection

Your personal data is processed in accordance with European law, in particular with the GDPR and the Act of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422) on the provision of electronic services.

PushPushGo has applied organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data processing appropriate for the threats and categories of data protected, in particular, it has safeguarded your personal data against unauthorized access, theft by unauthorized persons, processing in violation of applicable regulations and change, loss, damage or destruction.

PushPushGo has implemented a security policy and IT system management instructions in accordance with the requirements of the regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration regarding personal data processing documentation and technical conditions that should be met by devices and IT systems used to process personal data.

Only persons authorized by PushPushGo and trained in the protection of personal data in accordance with the documentation referred to in paragraph 1 are allowed to process your personal data. Individuals and institutions referenced in paragraph 3 are obliged to keep your personal data secret.

§ 8 Cookies

PushPushGo declares that it uses "cookies".

Cookies are information that is sent by the server of the Website and are saved on your device (for example, the hard disk of a computer or telephone). More information about cookies can be found at

The data obtained by means of cookies do not allow anyone to identify you, but enable PushPushGo to determine whether the website was visited by a certain computer (which is not synonymous with information about who visited the Website) and what preferences the user had at the time.

PushPushGo uses internal cookies to:

  • ensure the proper functioning of the Service,
  • to measure statistical performance,
  • to adapt the service to user preferences.

PushPushGo can place both lasting and persistent files on your device.

Temporary files are usually removed when the browser is closed, but persistent files are not deleted when a browser is closed.

Temporary files are used to identify the client as being logged in.

Persistent files provide certain functions not only in the course of a given session, but throughout the period of their storage on a computer. Persistent files are used to collect information about the way the Website is used, including data on subpages visited by the Customer and any errors, checking the effectiveness of the Website's advertising to improve the Website by recording any errors, testing various Website design variations, remembering Customer settings regarding their preferences and showing customers that they are logged in to the Service.

The website uses Google Analytics as well as the following tools: Amplitude and HotJar, both of which use cookies on your device to compile statistics on the volume of traffic on the Website and use of the Website.

PushPushGo uses Google AdWords to advertise the Website and services that it offers. Google Adwords uses cookies placed on your device, as well as the so-called Facebook conversion file that allows you to display the ads of the Website as part of the use of the Facebook platform.

You can delete cookies left by the Website from your device at any time in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for your web browser.

It is also possible to block cookies from your device by configuring your browser, however, the Website may not function properly when cookies are disabled.

PushPushGo uses a server that automatically records data about devices used to connect to the Service in the server logs, i.e. the type of device and browser you use, your computer IP address, date and time of entry, text description of the event and qualification of the event.

Only those authorized to administer the information system have access to the server log files.

Files with logs can be used to compile statistics in the field of traffic assessment on the Website and the occurrence of errors that make it impossible to identify you.

PushPushGo will use Campaign data, including number frequency and effectiveness, for statistical purposes and in a way that will make it impossible to identify you. PushPushGo is entitled publish these statistics, in particular as part of conferences, industry meetings and trade press.

§ 9 Modifications

PushPushGo reserves the right to change this Policy at any time by posting the amended Policy on the Website at

Any revised Policies will be effective from the date it was placed at the address indicated in paragraph 1 of this paragraph.

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