eCommerce Association of Serbia and the state of e-commerce in the region

In our second interview with Marija Pasuljevic we focused more on the activity of the eCommerce Association of Serbia and its' role in the e-commerce market development.

We met the second time with Marija Pasuljevic, Executive Director @eCommerce Association of Serbia, to discuss current activities of the organization, trends that shape the e-commerce market in the region and perspective for the future.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  • Which trends are currently a priority for the Association activity? Which global trends are most prominent and affect the Serbian e-commerce market?

  • What activities are currently carried out within the eCommerce Association of Serbia?

  • How do you see the future of the eCommerce Association of Serbia and the whole e-commerce sector?


Marija Pasuljevic


More than 17 years of working across commercial and marketing sectors in cross-continental senior managerial roles, in Consumer Goods, Retail, Beauty, Sports and Mobile Gaming. Strong expertise in business development: strategic growth, relationship and partnership building, successful negotiations with multiple stakeholders, and marketing strategy development.

Renata Okrajni


Operations Manager at PushPushGo, she has been involved in the new technology market for four years. She is interested in the event industry, where she has experience as an organizer. Privately a mother of two little children and a fan of bicycle touring.

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