Shifts in the Romanian consumer behavior: what companies have to know

The Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine... all this has a direct impact on customer behavior. 94% of Romanians postpone long-term purchases. At the same time, spendings on food and other essential products are increasing.

Alexandra Caciur leads the Data intelligence and Business Experience departments at Digitas Romania. For the past 1,5 years, she and her team have been running research that examines consumer behavior in Romania. Alexandra shared with us some observations they found out and what companies should look out for.

Here are a few questions that we discussed:

  • How has the behavior of Romanian consumers changed during the last years and months?

  • What has the most significant impact on consumer behavior?

  • What is the Digital Health Index? When analyzing the data, did you notice any patterns?

  • Based on the observed consumer behavior and brands’ Digital Health Index, what companies should focus on in their digital strategies?

  • What trends do Romanian companies have to keep an eye on?


Alexandra Caciur


From my Head of Data & Business Intelligence position at Digitas Romania (part of Publicis Groupe), I am developing tailor-made DATA solutions, deployed in multiple countries, operating models/ processes to develop business diagnoses, helping clients in making data-driven decisions.

Renata Okrajni


Operations Manager at PushPushGo, she has been involved in the new technology market for four years. She is interested in the event industry, where she has experience as an organizer. Privately a mother of two little children and a fan of bicycle touring.

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